Post for 6/02/2014

Sariah sharpened her sword, watching the embers rising from the remnants of her former life.  She thought of her husband and her two daughters as the rasping sound of the honing steel hid her sobs.  Sariah waited there until the last of the embers cooled before entering the blackened remains of the doorway.  Everything was charred beyond recognition.  She didn’t look at the blackened bones calling out to her.  She said a quick prayer.  “Heavenly Father, forgive me for what I am, and forgive me for what I am about to do.  I know you made me to do this.  I just didn’t think I had the strength.  Now I know I do.”  With that she reached into the ashes of her life and wiped an X onto her forehead.  The ash briefly glowed, then faded into nothingness.  “It is time.”


Sariah walked into the small village of Damarsh, sword strapped to her back, a small sack on her side.  She looked each villager she met in the eye, but never returned their greetings.  The small houses were made of stone that was taken from the local swamp.  The stone had a property of keeping cool, even in the hottest of days.  It was what originally put Damarsh on the map.  Now most of the stone was gone and what was still here was not allowed to be moved by law.  King Fredricks had declared such one hundred years ago and no one had ever went against his wishes.  Now the village withered in the winds of the past, hoping that there would be the next new thing.

Sariah proceeded to the Bearded Skunk.  The bar had been there for over three hundred years.  It looked it, with nothing ever updated.  The only thing it had going for it was the coldest beverages in the three kingdoms because of the stone.  The only thing colder on a summer day like today was Sariah’s anger.  She kept that to herself though as she sat along the end of the bar.

The bartender was washing a couple of tankards and watching two men play cards in the only occupied table in the back.  When he saw Sariah he nodded in her direction.  He took one of the clean tankards and filled it to the rim with a dark liquid and sent it down the bar with a quick hand.  Sariah caught the tankard and didn’t spill a drop.  She brought the drink up and downed it in one motion.  She then slammed the tankard on the bar, interrupting the card game.  She nodded at the two gentlemen.  “I think you should take a walk around for a bit.”

One of the players eyed her once and laughed.  “We were here first, unless you are looking for a two fer.”  He laughed at his own joke, sounding like a donkey in heat.  His partner didn’t join in, but was looking at the sword carried on Sariah’s back more than Sariah herself.

“If you want that you can come with me out back.  But first grab a shovel,” Sariah replied evenly.

The Laugher stopped laughing at that.  “What do you mean grab a shovel?” he asked.

Sariah looked him straight in the eyes, never moving more than her mouth, but her body almost vibrated with energy.  “I want you to dig two ditches first, then we can fool around,” Sariah said.  “I don’t want to leave you just lying there when I am done.”

The laugher was getting upset.  “What do you think you’re going to do?” he asked.  The Laugher got up out of his seat to show off all six foot four of his frame.  He puffed up, showing what she was messing with.

The bartender butted in, “Enough.  Get out for ten minutes.  The bar is closed.”

The Laugher looked at the bartender like he was insane.  “I don’t…”

“Go, or else I’ll dig the ditches for this woman,” interrupted the bartender.

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