Post for 6/10/2014

“So you think that we should have kids?” asked Mack as he plopped down on the couch with his PS4 controller.

Colleen killed three more zombies before answering.  “Seems a bit much to ask on our third date, don’t you think?” she replied.

Mack put down his controller and turned sideways on the couch.  “It’s something that’s important to me,” Mack said.  “I want to have lots of kids.  Maybe enough to field our own softball team at family reunions.”

Colleen laughed.  “You want nine kids?” she asked.

“Well, we don’t need to have nine.  I mean, you and I could play, so seven would be good,” Mack said.

Colleen put a twelve hit combo together.  “Well I believe that we should have one at the most.”

“Say what?” Mack asked.  “Why limit yourself to one?”

“They aren’t potato chips you know,” Colleen replied.  She took out the boss zombie with her baseball bat.

“Yeah, but,” stammered Mack.

“And it’s not like there are too many people on this planet already,” Colleen said.  “We would be doing our part limiting the impact we have on the environment.”  She punctuated this with a fifteen hit combo on the next group of zombies.

Mack shook his head.  “But you and me, we have great genes.  I mean, look at us.  We are good looking, smart people.  Our kids would be like awesome.  They might cure cancer.”

“Do we need seven kids to get one to cure cancer?” she asked.  “I think one could do nicely.  Hell, maybe one of us could do it if we worked at it.  No need to pollute the world with excess biomass.”

“Cancer is not a video game,” Mack said, folding his arms across his chest.

Colleen laughed as she beat the second boss.  “Neither is having kids.  I don’t want that many people all up in my business.”

“We could use a midwife.  That would limit the number of people in your, you know,” he said.

Colleen paused the game and looked at Mack for the first time since he had entered the room.  “I’m talking about seven little people coming out of my you know.  Hell, YOU haven’t even seen my you know and you want seven others joining the party.  Is this some kind of weird group thing?”

Mack blushed.  “Why are you going there?” he asked.  “I don’t know if I know you anymore.”

Colleen continued her game.  “Did you ever know me?” she asked.  “I mean, come on.  We’re sixteen.  Let’s play a game and forget about going there.”  She waved her controller at him.  “Join in or go home Trucky.”

Mark turned back to the TV and hit start on his controller.  “If not baseball, maybe we can compromise on hockey.”


2 thoughts on “Post for 6/10/2014

  1. Great dialog–you got into the spirit of the challenge!

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