Free write for 6/15/2014

A continuation of Sariah’s Story.  Look here for the whole story so far if you missed anything.


Chapter 2

Tomais ruffled the teen aged boy’s hair as they walked out of the woods, each carrying a three rabbits.  He smiled broadly and lifted patted the rabbits on the boy’s shoulder.  “That was a good harvest my son,” Tomais said.  “We will have a good meal tonight.”

“Am I invited for dinner?” asked Sariah as she walked into view.

Tomais reached for the bow he carried on his back, but then decided against it.  He looked at his son.  “Go tell your mother we might be having another for dinner and that she should put out the good pepper pot.”  The boy looked at Tomais with a question in his eyes, but then nodded.  Tomais gave the boy the rabbits he had been carrying.  “Now go.  We will be up to the house in a minute.”

Tomais and Sariah waited, not moving or speaking till the boy went around the bend.  Tomais broke the silence when he could see his son no longer.  “So what I heard was true,” he said.  “You have come out of retirement.”

Sariah looked at the man who was her fixer for all those years.  She had once thought of him as her uncle, a man that she could trust, a man whom she had loved like family.  “Your son has grown up well.  I also saw your daughter, Lianna isn’t it?  She was the one who told me you were down here hunting.  I thought it would be a great idea to hunt as well.”

Tomais looked back at the path his son had taken.  “You did not do anything to her, did you?” he asked.

Sariah shook her head.  “Why would I do that Tomais?” she asked.  “Why?”

Tomais  began to slowly walk towards Sariah, but made sure to keep his hands out where she could see them.  “They said the job would be an easy one.  I did not think you would mind making extra money.”

“Making extra money.  That is your excuse?”  Her anger flared up into her voice.  “You put everything in jeopardy just because you needed some extra money?”

Tomais stopped immediately.  “What happened?” he asked.  “Did you not finish the job?”

Sariah pulled her sword out of the sheath slowly, relishing in how silently it came out.  “I always finish the job.  That’s why you became rich Tomais.  What happened to the fortune I killed to help you make?”

Tomais took a couple steps back and looked to where his son left once again. Sariah laughed.  “Pepper pot, really?” she asked.  “You used to be much more creative.  That wasn’t natural at all.”  Tomais gave her his full attention.  “It might take him a while,” she continued.  “I made sure that he would be busy once he got back to your place.”

Tomais face grew pale.  “What did you do?” he asked.

Sariah replied, “Don’t worry.  They will be fine and have a story to tell.  That is if you give me two things as ransom.”

Now it was Tomais’ turn to be indignant.  “You want to be a common thug?  A pitiful burglar?  A con artist?” Tomais asked.

Sariah looked at him, her sword brought to the ready.  “I will be what you made me to be.  I am giving you this chance because of what you used to be.”

Tomais let his anger evaporate.  “You want your mark,” Tomais said, “but what else?”

“You know that as well,” Sariah replied.

“I suppose I do,” Tomais said.  “I want your word that my family will not come to harm.”

Sariah nodded.  “They will be better off than my family.”

“Sariah,” he said.

“I promise to leave them alive,” Sariah said.  “Where is the mark?”

Tomais kneeled down in the grass.  “It is behind the fourth stone from the left just under the mantle.  I have there your mark and the copy of the retirement.  You probably want both.”

Sariah pulled a small irregularly shaped wooden placard with a glowing glyph along with a rolled up parchment from where they had been tucked behind her back.  “I do.”

Tomais laughed and honest laugh.  “Then why did you ask me where the mark was?”

“To see if you would hold up your end of the deal,” Sariah said.  “I vow your family will be taken care of Uncle.”

“Tell the king I said hi,” said Tomais as he leaned forward.

The last thing Tomais heard was Sariah saying, “I will.”


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