Post for 6/27/2014

We were given till Monday, so I pushed it to Sunday.   Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.


What is my most precious possession?  That is a deep and weighty question.  It can also be quite a delicate one.  The question itself stymied me.  How do you define a precious possession?  I tried to ask myself if there is a fire, what would I absolutely need to get out of the house or I would regret it for the rest of my life.  Of course the gut reaction was to say my wife and children, but that is a bit problematic.  I don’t own them, so they are not technically a possession.  I mean I did donate half the DNA to make my girls, but they are half my possession at best.  Then again, can you truly possess a person?  You used to be able to, but that was a while back and would be frowned on in today’s society, unless there is a safety word and consenting adults involved.

Okay, so on the same line of reasoning I would not count my animals.  I do own them, and I would be financially harmed if they did something and I was sued, but most of the time I feel they own me, and not the other way around, so scratch them off the list.  (I own two black cats, which makes the end of the last sentence quite funny.  Sorry, but I wanted to share how punny I was. )

Alright, not the wife, not the kids, and not the pets.  That definitely leaves a lot of inanimate objects.  Where do I go next?  Well there is stuff that I currently have at home from work.  I would want to get that out of the house so I wouldn’t have to pay to replace it.  Nah, that doesn’t really count either.  Oh, and I promise to get all of it back soon, I promise, if you are reading this from work.

Let’s see, so an inanimate object, that is not from work, that I would regret for the rest of my life if it went up in flames.  That is the rub.  With the advent of cloud storage, everything I have at the house is stuff.  The things I create are on the web.  That is what I would miss if it was lost.  I once lost a musical I was working on when the hard drive bricked.  I still have most of the music, but the plot and parts of the play are gone.  I have never sat back down to try to rewrite it yet.  I will someday, but right now I am trying to find my most prized possession.

Now here is a twist.  What if my greatest possession could be me turning into a ghost and possessing another person.  That would be fine since it wouldn’t be buying another human being.  Of course that would mean I would be supernatural and or a ghost, making me not all human, so the creepiness of humans owning humans wouldn’t be there.  Of course, since I am not supernatural yet, this is also a nonstarter, but I did say yet.  There is still hope.  I once started a story about a man who dies and becomes a ghost, maybe that counts.  No wait, that was also on the bricked hard drive.  ARG!  This is why I love cloud storage.  Besides, I know at least one or two people from the NSA (okay computers, but I can dream) read everything I put up there, so it is almost like I am a published author.

I could say I am already in possession of myself.  I would very much want to get that possession out of a fiery situation.  Do you really possess yourself?  It so, can I sue to get out of that possession?  Would that be weird if you were found at fault with yourself?  Would that open up too many questions?  Have I already asked too many questions?  What about if there is one more?  Should I just move on?

Okay, I think I have it.  My most precious possession is something I would want to save from a fire, but that would be secondary.  My favorite possession is my humor.  I mean my faith, right?  No humor.  I can profess faith, and have faith, but possession means a whole other level when it comes to faith.  We would be back to ghosts and daemons, right?

Hopefully after all this you will agree that I should save my sense of humor.  If not, watch out when I get that whole supernatural thing going.  Then you’ll wish you had agreed with me.  Oh, and ignore that wet spot on the floor.

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