Sariah’s Story Chapter 4

Kegan tipped his mug toward Sariah.  “Here’s to the next couple of weeks being better than your last two,” Kegan said.  Sariah lifted her mug and together they threw back the contents of their mugs and slammed them to the table.  Sariah was just a hair faster, which upset Kegan.  “I would have thought you would be slow in your old age,” he said.

Sariah picked up the leg of her roasted rabbit.  “I can’t afford to be old if I’m going to get back into the business.”  She bit into the leg sending juices dripping down her chin.

Kegan leaned in with a cloth.  Kegan said, “Let me get those for you.”  As he wiped her chin his eyes twinkled in the gas lamp light.

For a second Sariah felt a bit of desire flare up, but then was quickly quenched.  “She pointed the rabbit leg at Kegan.  “You tried your charm, didn’t you,” she said.  “I’ve shared your blood.  You know better.”

Kegan smiled sheepishly.  “I wanted to see if it still worked.  We shared so long ago I wasn’t sure.”

Sariah stabbed the leg into her pile of mashed potatoes.  “You liar.  Fairy blood is a pact.  I ought to…”

“Quiet on the f word,” Kegan whispered.  “People don’t like their humans mixed.  Not around here.”

Sariah let it dropped, but she still wasn’t sure if she was flattered or upset.  As she took another bite of the rabbit she decided both, but she was okay with that.  “Do you ever feel guilty about it?” Sariah asked.

“Do you feel guilty giving the killing blow?” Kegan asked.  Sariah didn’t respond since she was caught off guard.  “Of course you don’t,” he continued.  “You and I, we embrace our gifts.  We might find more respectable outlets for them, but when you are born to do something, you do it.”  Sariah stayed quiet as he bit a chunk of carrot.  He leaned in closer and whispered again, “It’s like the gift of that damn purple dye.  Take a basic king maker’s dye, weave a bit of magic and presto.  Brilliant idea that I never thought of using for more than something to track marks.”  He leaned back and smiled broadly.  “You wanted a dress made of it because you loved the color.  The rest is history and money.  Lots and lots of money.”

Sariah smiled.  “I loved that dress,” she said.  I couldn’t wear it often, but a stain could never stay in it after you were done.”

“That’s why my stuff is so popular.  Never breaks down really until its time is up.”  Kegan lifted his mug to call over the waitress.  “I don’t suppose you still have the dress.”

“Lost in the fire with everything else,” Sariah replied.  She played with the rabbit leg in the potatoes.  “Just like everything else.  So you’ll help me then?”

The waitress came over and gave Kegan a kiss on the cheek.  Kegan’s eyes glittered coldly and he kissed her full on the lips.  “Wyndia my darling.  I might be home a bit late.  You’ll wait up for me, won’t you?”

Wyndia filled Kegan’s mug and then Sariah’s, but her eyes never left Kegan’s.  “Of course my love.  I will wait as long as it takes.”

Kegan gave her a love tap on the bottom.  “I won’t be long,” Kegan said.  “I just need to walk this pretty lady home. “  Wyndia finally took notice of Sariah and her smile began to droop.  Kegan continued, “She’s just visiting my dear.  I’ll set her up at my shop and I’ll come home.”  Wyndia’s smile returned in full force and she practically skipped away from the table.

“Wasn’t that a bit much?” asked Sariah.

“It’s easier in the beginning if I turn it all the way on,” he said.  “Besides I’m with you.  It’s harder to work my magic with another lady at the table.”

“That is still wrong,” Sariah said.  “Getting a place to stay I understand, but the other.  I should go.”

“Is that what you say when you kill?” Kegan asked.

Sariah stared him down.  “Mine is a job.”

Kegan asked, “Always?”  Sariah did not respond, but she didn’t back down.  “Fine,” Kegan continued, “you are right.  No hanky panky until I let her out completely.  You are no fun.”

Sariah was not happy still.  “I will not let you rape a girl just because you can.”

“What has gotten into you?” Kegan asked.

“Swear to me you will not take advantage of her,” Sariah said as she held out her hand.

Kegan sighed and took her hand in his.  “I swear I will do as you say,” he said.

Sariah swiftly took the knife that came with her meal and made a shallow cut across their clasped hands.  Kegan tried to pull his back, but Sariah did not let go.

“We already shared my blood, remember?” Kegan asked.  “Is this really necessary?”

Sariah let Kegan go and licked the blood on her hand.  She stood up and walked to where Wyndia was talking to another table.  She without a word she spun Wyndia around and planted a deep kiss on the stunned woman.  After breaking the kiss, Sariah told her “You’re welcome.”  Sariah turned to Kegan who just shook his head stunned.  “Now I believe you,” she said.

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