Sariah’s Story Chapter 8

Kegan watched Sariah leave, pretending to sleep.  He really never slept, part of being half fairy that he liked most of the time.  Sitting in the dark and thinking was one of his great joys.  Doing that while listening to Sariah saw a forest’s worth of lumber, not so much.  He gave her a few minuted to make sure she was really gone before he left the couch.

Looking at the time Kegan decided to wait a bit before setting off to search for Asopt.  He wasn’t sure if Wyndia or Nellissa would show up at the shop this morning.  He didn’t really want to deal with either woman right now, but he owed them a little of his time, so he spent it cleaning up his shop and waiting.  After half an hour had passed he gave up and left the shop.  He put a sign on the door claiming he was working in the back and was not to be disturbed.  He was happy he worked with the part of the population that was literate.  He hated pictograms.

It took three stops before Kegan was able to get a clue as to where Asopt was working.  He was somewhere in the tinker’s district along the west wall of the city.  When Kegan arrived in the district he ran out of leads and people to ask.  He tried a small bit of magic, but nothing came of it.  Kegan wasn’t surprised since he hadn’t really talked to the man for five years or so.  The problem with the tinker district was all the buildings were almost identical and laid out in little blocks of eight along a razor straight grid.  It was easy to wander around hopelessly if you didn’t have a decent directions sense.

After a bit of foundering around what seemed like the same two blocks for what seemed like forever, an average man wearing average clothing and the typical haircut for the times fell in lock step with Kegan.  Kegan startled and cast his force shield, almost knocking the man over.  “Is that how you treat old friends?” asked the friend.

Kegan dropped the shiled and held out his hand in greeting.  “Sorry Asopt.  I was looking for you, but I didn’t expect you to find me,” Kegan said.

Asopt accepted the hand and gave it a squeeze before letting it go.  The grip screamed average as well.  “A bit jumpy then, are we?” Asopt asked.

Kegan looked around and continued to walk.  Asopt once again fell in step.  “After last night I have a right to be.”

Asopt slapped Kegan on the back.  “That was you?” Asopt asked.  “I wondered who was kind enough to take out a few of Warbashes’ thugs.”

“Well, we didn’t take them out,” said Kegan.  “We sort of put them down, but someone else put the arrows in to silence them.”

“You said we,” Asopt said.  “Who was the other part of the we?”

Kegan ducked his head low and in towards Asopt.  Kegan said, “She didn’t want me to tell you this, but-“.

“Sariah’s back?” Asopt whispered.

Kegan stopped and looked Asopt in the eye.  “Is that one of your questions, or a statement?” asked Kegan.

“That makes so much more sense,” Asopt said.  He rubbed his hands together.  “This is going to be so much fun.  I’ll need to let Gordo know I’m not available after this.”

Kegan shook his head.  “Wait a minute.  Sariah hasn’t said anything about getting anyone back together, and what do you mean after this.”

Asopt smiled his average smile.  “It’s simple.  They were testing you last night, and I know who did the testing.”

Kegan smiled.  “You’re still fast on the thinking there,” he said.  “So who was it?”

Asopt started off down the street.  “I’ll tell you after you help me with a job I need to do.  It won’t take more than an hour.”

Kegan groaned, but began to follow.  “Why can’t you just tell me now?”

“Now who is asking all the questions?” asked Asopt.

Kegan had to practically run because of the length of his legs to catch up to Asopt.  “What is the job?” he panted.

“We are going to see a man about a horse,” Asopt replied.

Kegan groaned for the second time.  “I told Sariah she always brought trouble with her.”  That elicited a laugh of joy from Asopt.

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