Hunting for…

I closed my eyes and centered myself with a few deep breaths.  It was time for the hunt, but I felt so unprepared.  My heart wasn’t in it, but I knew if I was going to have a chance to prove myself I needed to go.  I wandered down to where I have always seen my prey.  Carefully I sat and waited, weapon at hand.  Something called out nearby and I tensed, but it ended up being an empty cry.  I resettled myself, bracing for what was to come.  Did I have the skill to pull this off?  Did I have the energy to triumph?  Doubt began to creep in. Would my quarry even come by again?  I had hunted here many times before, but had this spot finally gone dry?    Suddenly I felt the world around me go silent.  My pulse quickened.  I looked about slowly, not wanting to frighten it off.  Yes!  There it was, so close I could almost touch it.  I lifted my arm and took aim.  One shot, one kill.  Now I can put this blog post in the bag.

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