Wanted: Super Villians

What does it take to be a super villain?  We love them so much in our books and movies.  The thought of a single person trying to rule the world, or better yet, destroy all of humanity makes us happy.  Okay, maybe not the actual prospect of it happening, but the idea that our villain is so ambitious that they have plans that cross the border to insanity puts us on edge.  We don’t want to see she/he succeed, but we want them to be competent enoughto almost pull it off.  Our good person usually has problems like alcoholism, or the lack of self-confidence, or needs to find a good sexual match.  Not much on a global scale, don’t you think?  We root for them to become a better person, oh and figure out the tragic flaw our magnificent villain has and exploit it to save the day.  Which is more important I ask?  The heroic figure on their journey is a human interest story, but I think deep down we have this fascination about who the villain really is.  What makes them tick?  How did they get to where they are?  Do they see their own fatal flaw, but ignore it?  Or do they see it, but hope to hide it, even in plain sight.  Why do they want to do what they do?  If a story answers these questions, then I am hooked.  The heroine/hero can continue their struggles and overcome the personal struggle along the way, but I want to make sure the villain figure they are going against makes sense and seems almost more a tragically gone wrong figure.  Without that, the hero/heroine is just going up against the boogey monster, and that is the stuff for fairy tales.

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