Fallen From Mercy chapter 11

Dan looked around his bedroom and realized he was still dreaming.  Fear crept in, and he reached into his nightstand to pull out his firearm.  The 9mm felt heavy in his palm as he checked to see that it was loaded.  Dan then disengaged the safety and loaded one into the chamber.  Slipping the safety off, he eased out of bed and listened through the bedroom door.

“Come on out Dan.  I know you’re in there.”

Pastor Sean’s voice amplified the fear.   Dan swallowed it down and threw open the door, his weapon at the ready.

Pastor Sean sat on Dan’s couch, the machete in hand, looking like he owned the place.  Dan’s eyes flashed to the door which was wide open again.  “I decided to let myself in.”

Dan’s pointed the gun momentarily at the door.  “You can let yourself out”

Pastor Sean’s eyes flashed dangerously.  “Sheep need to learn their place.”

“And you’re here to give me a lesson?” asked Dan.

“Put away the weapon.  It will do you no good here.”

“Screw you, you Hannibal wanna be.  You get out!”

Pastor Sean stood up and held the machete at the ready.  “You will not talk to me in that manner.”

“You’re my dream and I can do what the hell I want.”  Dan lowered the pistol to demonstrate that he believed what he was saying.

Pastor Sean smiled an evil smile.  “This is your dream?”  The pastor moved his left hand and the world shifted.

Dan’s apartment was replaced with a small white sand beach that Dan recognized from his trip to Honolulu a few years back.  Pastor Sean took a step forward.  “I control what happens here.”

Dan could feel the anger building, becoming white hot, and burning away the fear.  He pointed the gun back at Pastor Sean.  “Control this.”

Dan began to fire.  The first two shots happened quickly, but then the whole dream kicked into slow motion.  As the third shot rang out in a muted roar, Pastor Sean was already whirling, machete deflecting the first bullet, then parrying the second.  The fourth sounded hollow coming out of the gun.  The third bullet Pastor Sean easily slipped around, taking another step towards Dan.    As the fifth bullet left the gun, the gun exploded to dust in Dan’s hand.  Pastor Sean sliced the fourth bullet in half and each half traveled past him on either side.  He then threw his left hand out, palm first.  As the bullet hit Pastor Sean’s palm the bullet seemed to splash against it like Pastor Sean was just stopping a large drop of water.  The bullet remains dripped to Pastor Sean’s feet.  As each drop of bullet hit the ground time seemed to increase in speed until time seemed to be normal.

Dan was dumbstruck, unable to process what had just happened.  Before he could blink Pastor Sean closed the remaining distance and flung Dan to the ground face first.  “Do you understand now?” Pastor Sean asked.  Dan didn’t respond.  The Pastor got down on his knees and pulled Dan’s head back by his hair.  He looked Dan in the eye.  “Answer me boy.  Do you understand?”  Dan began to growl and Pastor Sean slammed Dan’s face back into the ground.  The Pastor smoothly stood from the kneeling position and then spit on Dan.  “You’re a waste of my time.  I’m going to chew you up and spit you out.”

Dan closed his eyes and reached for his calm.  Pastor Sean kicked him in his side, but Dan just absorbed it as he found his focus.  Pastor Sean kicked him a second time.  “You’ve got nothing to say?”

“This is my dream,” whispered Dan and the scene shifted back to his apartment.  This time Pastor Sean was mid kick when he realized what had happened.  Dan rolled with the kick, grabbed the Pastor’s foot and twisted hard.  Pastor Sean was pulled from his feet and landed ungracefully on his backside.  Dan finished his roll and came to a stop in a crouching position.  “And it’s time for you to go.”

Pastor Sean got up slowly, a smile growing on his face.  “Maybe there’s something to you after all.”  The smile continued to grow and the Pastor’s teeth soon were showing, pointier than what was possible.  “I enjoy my meals when they are more complex.  I’ll see you tomorrow night.”  Pastor Sean walked to the door.  “But before I go.”  The Pastor grabbed onto the open door with both hands and pulled. The door hinges groaned and then gave way.  He then threw the door just over Dan’s head into the half wall dividing the kitchen from the living room.  “Now we don’t have to worry about me having to knock.  Sweet dreams my sheep.”  Pastor Sean walked through the door and disappeared.

Dan laid down on his floor and felt every ache and pain he had from the fight.  He closed his eyes and then opened them to find he was on the floor of his bedroom.  He checked his nose to find it bleeding.  “What the hell,” he said.  “Sleeping is going to kill me.”

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