Fallen From Mercy chapter 17

Dan passed a twenty to a man that had made homeless his own fashion statement with a color clash of greens, yellows and reds that contrasted with his grey hair and pallid complexion.  The homeless man pushed the money into his pants and pushed his baby carriage full of goods down the street.  Dan dashed across the busy street and got into the car.

Gary watched the homeless man continue on his journey.  “Did Karro know anything exciting?”

Dan sprayed some sanitizer on his hand.  “How again do you know him?”

“He’s the most powerful person on this planet,” Gary responded.  “Didn’t he tell you about it?”

“Yeah, and he smells like salami that’s gone bad.  So once again, how do you know him?” asked Dan.  He rubbed his hands, then sanitized them again.

Gary pulled away from the curb and drove in the opposite direction that the most powerful man in the world took.  “Met him on a case when I walked the street.  I was amazed what he knew, but dealing with him weirds you out.”

Dan looked hard at Gary but he couldn’t see the sarcasm at all in Gary’s face.  “We are talking about the guy I just talked to, right?”

“Hey, without his help I never would have found Callisto in time to save Sarah Rynes,” Gary said with conviction.

“And that was?” Dan asked.  “Just because what he told me didn’t make sense.”

“What did he tell you?”

Dan rolled his eyes.  “He said that we should check at Sliders.  Some people who know some people might be able to help us with something.”

“That’s what he told you?”

“That’s it.”

Gary happily hit the steering wheel.  “Then we go to Sliders.  Did he give you a time?”

“A time?”

“For us to go.”

Dan’s I can’t believe this meter went to ten.  “To see some people, who know some people, who might help us, with something?  Sounds like a great use of time to me.”  Dan almost hurt himself using that much sarcasm in one sentence.

“And you talk to a woman about the future who books travel vouchers for a living.  My guy might not seem to be all there, but his information is usually solid.”

“And Zoey isn’t?”  Dan could see Gary was getting upset.  “Okay, then the most powerful person in the world told me I should try the Italian sausage and eggplant slider for lunch.”

“Then we go there for lunch tomorrow.”

“You know, if you hadn’t decided to forget his tip you wouldn’t have to pump me for information.”

Gary sighed.  “Yeah.  He won’t take it now.”  Gary grinned his screw you grin.  “Besides, I can tell he likes you.”

Dan wasn’t impressed.  “Next time I might forget my wallet as well.”

“Just wait.  This will work out,” said Gary.

“That’s what she said,” replied Dan.



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