Ethereal Love

I was always drawn to redheads, but she was mesmerizing.  I knew we were destined to be together before I even knew her name was Vivian.

I started hanging around her daily trying to get her to even notice me and acknowledge my existence.  At first she kept looking straight past me, but over time I would be able to catch her eye.  I kept trying to get her to smile since she was always so sad.

Eventually she started talking to me, telling me of the bad things that were happening to her at school and with this one boy.  I offered to do something about it, but she said she had an idea on how to handle it, she just needed a bit more time.  She broke up with the boy, but that didn’t really help.  One by one her friends stopped hanging out with her, so Vivian and I would spend more and more time together.  I was so happy, but she seemed to be getting more and more depressed.  I was worried, but she kept telling me it would be okay, that she just had to be brave enough to do what needed to be done.  I always wanted to take her into my arms and hold her tight, but it just wasn’t possible.

Then one day she was so happy.  She told me that today was the day.  She then went up to the bathroom, drew herself a bath, and ended her life.  Now she is with me here, and I can hold her with all my might, but it is not the same.  She was so vibrant when she was alive, but now being dead like me, not so much, but I love her all the same.

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