The sky was dark and the full moon hadn’t peaked over the horizon yet.  Harvey kept waiting for Janet to get home.  She was late and Harvey needed out of his cage so badly.  He paced the space over and over: four steps, then three, then four, then three.  The time was coming, and if he didn’t get out he was just going to explode.  When was Janet going to come home and get him out?  She wouldn’t want to have him loose it here in her bedroom.  Harvey let out a small whimper.  He could feel a tremor in his legs.  Pretty soon he was going to have to let go, and that wasn’t going to be pretty.

Just then twin lights speared the bedroom windows, illuminated the ceiling.  Harvey yet out a yowl that had almost sounded like help.  The garage door began to open at the same time as the moon started to peak over the horizon.  Harvey could hear Janet running through the house.  She burst through the door, her blonde hair trailing behind her.   Harvey yowled a hello.

“Hurry,” she said in a very husky voice.

Janet opened the cage and Harvey bound out the way Janet came in.  He had to go outside and do his business so badly.  He made it out of the garage and into the sheltered backyard.  Janet raced after him, ditching clothing as she did so.

The moon finally leapt over the horizon and Harvey couldn’t hold it any longer.  His limbs elongated and he shifted to stand on his back legs.  His nose contracted, his eyes blinked and became the bluest blue.  Soon the transformation was complete.  He was naked and human once again.

Something furry rubbed against his leg.  He reached down and scratched Janet behind her ear.  She growled and bit at his hand.  “What’s wrong my love?” he asked.  Looking down at her golden fur, Harvey noticed that Janet hadn’t gotten her bra completely unhooked before her transformation.  He undid it and gave her a hug, nuzzling into her fur.  “Baby, this werewolf, wolfwere thing makes our relationship tough at times.  Janet whimpered.  Harvey gave her another hug.  “But at least we have each other.”

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