Cardboard Jungle

Pricilla looked around her new apartment and groaned.  “I am going to die from cardboard poisoning,” she said.  She looked at the first box in the cardboard jungle and thought about opening it.  Then she turned back to the gin bottle on the table next to her freshly made tonic water and thought that would be infinitely better.

“Don’t you dare be drinking anymore before you get some unboxing done girly girl.”

Pricilla moaned, but with a smile on her face.  “Damn it Max, now you can read minds?”

Max walked out of the doorway to their bedroom.  He was dressed in his leopard print robe and black dress socks.  “Honey, I put a ring on that finger,” Max said.  “That means we are like connected, so give it up and cut loose.  Who knows what you’ll find in that treasure-trove of cardboard.”

Pricilla wondered what he had on underneath that robe.  She wondered quickly if she could get his mind off unpacking by seducing him.  She whipped took off her t-shirt, showing her lacey black bra underneath.  “Forget the treasure-trove, I want to do a different type of exploring,” she said.

“Man, it is quite hot in here,” Max said, fanning himself.  “Just means we need to find a fan in one of these boxes to cool it off while we work.”

Pricilla frowned.  “You’re no fun.  Why did I marry you again?” she asked.

Max picked up a box cutter and opened a random box.  “You wanted to live the high life girly girl.  What’s more exciting than opening up a billion birthday presents, and it’s not even your birthday,” Max said.  He pulled out a lamp and a couple of stuffed animals used to wedge the lamp inside.  “See, look at this one. “  He threw one of the stuffed animals, a bear he had won for her at the state fair the week before they were engaged.  It hit her in her pouty mouth.  “Bullseye!”

“Birthday presents?” Pricilla asked.

Max nodded.  “That’s the ticket, Honey.  Open them like you stole them,” he said.

“Then I should dress appropriately,” Pricilla said.  She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.

“Girly girl, you’re making it hard for a man to do some honest work,” Max said, but he didn’t reach for another box.

Pricilla stood up and removed her shorts and panties.  “Now I’m in my birthday suit,” she said.  “Now do you still want to open presents, or should we explore our bedroom?”

Max put down his box cutter.  “Honey, are you always going to fight dirty like that?  You know we have all these boxes to unpack,” he said.

Pricilla didn’t answer.  She just walked past Max, swaying her naked hips as she went into the bedroom.  “The boxes will still be there in the morning,” she said.

Max looked at the boxes and the bedroom.  “Girly girl, I should just leave you to your own devices and get this job done.”  There were no noises from the bedroom.  Max looked at all the cardboard and shuddered.  “Okay, honey, on second thought you’re right.”

He put down his box cutter and headed into the bedroom.  There Pricilla lay in bed on her side, giving him a full view of herself.  “Of course I am,” she said with a huge smile on her face.  “That’s the real reason why you married me.”

“You’ve got me girly girl,” Max said as he climbed into bed next to her.

“I know I do,” Pricilla said as she gave Max a deep kiss.  “I know I do.”

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