Do You Hear What I Hear?

Rodger lifted up his left headphone from his ear, letting Mannheim Steamroller escape loudly into the world.  “What did you say?” he asked loudly.

Sheila rolled her eyes.  “You know you’ll go deaf if you keep blaring that in your ears,” she said.

Rodger plopped the headphone back in place.  He smiled at Sheila.  “Sorry, I can’t hear you since I’m deaf,” he said.

Sheila hit him in the shoulder and spun her back to Rodger.  Rodger pulled out his phone and paused the music.  “Baby, why do you have to be like that?  I was just playing,” he said.

Sheila turned back around, but didn’t unfold her arms crossing her chest. “You don’t listen to me anymore,” she said.

“I listened.  You said I’m going deaf,” Rodger said.  “See, I listen.”

Sheila’s body language screamed that she didn’t believe him.  “Sure you do,” she said.  “So what did I say earlier?”

Rodger shrugged his shoulders.  “I don’t know.  That’s why I asked you what did you say?  If I knew I wouldn’t have asked the question,” he said.

Sheila stabbed him in the chest with her index finger.  “Exactly!  That’s why I said you don’t listen.”

“Come on baby,” Rodger said, “I was just not listening this once.  I didn’t even know you had come back.”

“That’s because you never missed me,” said Sheila.  “Marsha was right.  We might need to separate a bit.”

Rodger recoiled.  “What?  Just because I didn’t notice you were here and I didn’t hear you over my music?” he asked.

Sheila’s eyes began to tear up.  “You are so mean!  I…”  Sheila spun around and practically ran away.

Rodger watched her run and then counted to ten slowly.  He took off his headphones and activated his phone.  “Yeah man,” he said.  “She totally went ballistic, just like you said.  Good call!  So when can you hook me up with Marsha?  I hear she has the hots for me.”

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