It’s All In the Delivery

Jonathan looked at his watch once again.  When was that pizza going to be here?  He ordered it like twenty minutes ago.  He knew he was going to be in trouble with his wife for calling in, but he really didn’t want to face what was at home.  The crying of little Jake was getting louder.  How do you tell a baby he had to wait?  Jonathan never signed up for all this.  Now he felt trapped.  Maybe Jonathan shouldn’t have ordered the pie and just dealt with his son, but Jonathan knew he didn’t really care anymore.

The car pulled in the driveway.  Jonathan’s wife, Cynthia slammed the door behind her.  “Really, you ordered a pizza for delivery?  You couldn’t wait till I got home?” she asked.  She threw the pizza on the table.

“Thanks babe,” Jonathan said.  “Can you change Jake’s diaper while your home?  I think he has a poopy.”

Cynthia looked daggers at Jonathan, but she picked up Jake and walked to the bedroom.  “You know this just pushes me further towards divorce,” she said.

Jonathan opened the pizza box and bit into the still steaming pepperoni pizza.  This was a win-win today.  “Do what you have to do babe.  Do what you have to do,” he said with his mouth full.

“What did you say?” Cynthia called out from the bedroom.

“I love you babe,” Jonathan said louder as he picked up a second piece.

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