I Looked Up (a 100 word observation)

Tonight I looked into the night sky and saw infinity.  I saw the moment when I was born, and the time my parents fell in love.  I gazed upon the day Newton discovered how the stars dance.  I saw a time when this planet was born out of the fiery refuse spiraling around a young star.  I looked up and saw a continuum of what has been in time, and I wondered if my descendants will look up into that night sky and see light from a star that was created as I looked up at the stars and wondered.

2 thoughts on “I Looked Up (a 100 word observation)

  1. I am in awe. Not an extra word to meet the word count. Not a missing word because it wouldn’t fit.

    I’m sorry that I was distracted by the word count. Now, as I reread, I find a story that stands on its own merit, regardless of the word count. What a nice pondering. Thanks for sharing this moment.

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