Scared Straight Part 2

Timmy looked around the hole and shivered, not from being scared, but from the cold.  He picked up the threadbare blanket that was one to two soft objects in this place of steel and concrete and wrapped it around his shoulders.  He began pacing his cell.  Four strides in length, three strides in width, it had a small flat barred window about ten feet up, right by the ceiling letting in a tiny bit of sunlight to supplement the flickering fluorescent centered on the ceiling.

The bed, sink, and toilet were all made of concrete.  The only other source of comfort beside the blanket was the small thin mattress on the bed.  Jimmy sat down on it and laughed.  It was almost as hard as the concrete below it.  The one door had a small slot at the bottom and a larger slot at the top that could be moved by the guard.  Right now both were closed off.

Timmy began to sing at the top of his lungs all the children’s nursery rhymes he could think of.  The place had great acoustics.  After about a half hour of that, Timmy began jogging in circles.  It helped him get a bit warmer.  He tied the blanket around his neck so it fluttered behind him like a superhero.  That only lasted for a few minutes till Timmy got bored with that.  He sat down on the bed in a lotus position and meditated.

After an indeterminate amount of time a different guard pulled back the top slider.  He saw Timmy not moving, his back against the wall with the blanket tied around his neck and panicked.  He hit the button on the outside of the cell which set off flashing lights and a klaxon.  The guard opened the door and was two feet in before Timmy snapped out of his meditative state.  The guard grabbed Timmy by his arm and yanked him off the bed.  Timmy immediately began to collapse to the ground, his legs giving out on him because of the amount of time spent in the lotus position.  Two more guards pushed their way into the cell.  The guard holding Timmy’s arm yelled,” Tony, grab his other arm, Luke get that sheet off his neck.”

The two guards were efficient, snapping to accomplish their assigned tasks immediately.  Soon Timmy was hanging in air, his feet a couple of inches off the ground, and his cape now tossed back onto the bed from whence Timmy had taken it from.

“What is wrong with you?” asked the guard that had originally grabbed Timmy.  “Trying suicide after only an hour or two in the hole?”

“Chill Hobbs,” said Luke.  “The kid didn’t have the blanket that tight.”

“Suicide?” asked Timmy.  “That was my superhero cape.”

Tony began to laugh.  Hobbs wasn’t too happy about that.  “What the hell Tony.  It’s not funny,” Hobbs said.

Luke began to laugh as well.  “Come on man, that shit is funny,” he said.

Hobbs looked like he was about to punch both his fellow guards out.  Timmy decided he wanted the focus back on him.  “Guys, I like it when my feet can touch the ground,” Timmy said.

Tony let him down, but Hobbs kept his other arm hitched up, keeping Timmy off balance.  “Smart ass kid, I don’t like being punked. You know what that earns you?”

Timmy looked hard into Hobbs’ eyes, reading him.  “Normally it would mean you drop in one of your pets to pay me back, but we both know you can’t do that because the Warden would put your balls in a vice.”

Hobbs lifted even higher on Timmy, wrenching Timmy’s shoulder before letting go.  Luckily for Timmy, Tony was still holding onto him, so Timmy didn’t fall down.  Hobbs looked at Tony and Luke.  “Get that piece of shit back upstairs so he can meet the ladies. “  With that Hobbs turned and began to walk away.

Timmy laughed.  “Make sure you let your mom know I’ll be stopping by and paying her a visit,” Timmy said.

Hobbs turned around and threw a haymaker punch, only to be stopped by Luke.  “Let me go,” said Hobbs through pursed lips.

Luke shook his head.  “The kid isn’t worth it,” Luke said.  “We’ve got him boss.  Go walk it off.”

Hobbs glared at Timmy.  “Hobbs, don’t worry.  You’ll get your chance with me.  I promise,” Timmy said.  Hobbs left the cell without a second glance back.

Tony shoved Timmy towards the door.  “Let’s go.  You’ve got a date,” said Tony.  Timmy rubbed his sore shoulder, but for once decided to be quiet.  Besides, it was almost show time.

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