Like a Girl

Tony looked at the girl standing in front of him.  She was all hard angles, not a curve in sight, except for the nose.  Even her short hair was cut at severe hard angles.  The most severe things were her eyes, which right now were locked on Tony’s.  Tony couldn’t help but feel the ferocity emanating from this young lady.

“Look, I’m sorry that I thought you were a boy,” Tony said trying to play it off.  “You could think of that as a compliment.”

“What if I called you a girl?” she asked, her hands taking up offensive positions at her hips.  “Would you like that compliment?”

Tony began to laugh, but then thought better of it, but it was too late.  He could tell those first chuckles cemented him as public enemy number one in her eyes.

“Hey, I wasn’t trying to be insulting,” Tony said.  “It’s just that you don’t look like a…”  Tony paused as his brain ran out words that it thought were safe to say.

“Is that all a girl is to you?  Is it just a look?” she asked.  The girl put the dreaded air quote with that last question.

Tony realized there was no winning this situation.  “Look, if you can’t take a joke just leave,” he said.

The girl took two steps forward and kicked him in the crotch.  Tony‘s privates screamed surrender and his knees agreed and folded, taking Tony to the ground with them.

The girl took one step back and smiled defiantly.  “How’s that for a girl?” she asked.  Tony had no immediate rebuttal since all his thoughts were being delayed by the train wreck that had happened in his nether region.  The girl took his quiet moaning as a sign of victory, and she strutted away in triumph.

When Tony could finally think again he watched all those angles walk away and thought, “Well, she doesn’t kick like a girl.”

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