Great Responsibility

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Travis said to Gracie.  “Now that you have that power, are you willing to accept it?”

Gracie nodded solemnly.  “I do.  Are you sure I’m ready for this?” she asked.

Travis nodded.  “You have learned everything I can teach you without you actually trying, grasshopper.  You are ready.”

“But what if I fail,” Gracie asked.  “I don’t want anybody to die.”

Travis looked Gracie in the eyes.  “Death is a part of life.  If you do your best then that’s all anyone can ask of you.”  Gracie still didn’t look convinced.  Travis kissed her on her forehead.  “You can do this.”

Gracie turned to her fish tank.  She took the food and sprinkled the few flakes on the surface of the water.  “Welcome home guys,” she said.

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