Weather Or Not

Cliff picked up the phone and hastily dialed.  He tapped his foot and checked his computer models once again.  Seven, eight, nine rings, but Cliff didn’t hang up, he knew better.  Soon enough the click of someone picking up the other end announced the end of the ringing, but no one said anything on the other end of the line.  Cliff thought he could detect the person on the other end was about to hang up the phone.  “Don’t you dare hang up!” he shouted.  “I demand an explanation.”

A timid female voice cleared itself.  “I’m sorry, an explanation?” she asked.  The voice grew stronger.  “Since when do I need to explain myself to you?”  She seemed to be getting on a roll.  “You should be thankful for me Cliffy boy.  Without me you would be doing infomercials at one a.m. selling pogo sticks that also finely chops tomatoes for salsa!”  She took in a large breath as if to punctuate her point.

Cliff had heard it all before, except the salsa part.  She usually went for the pruning shears accessory instead.  “Yeah, yeah.  You know if you would just work with me a bit I might have gotten a different gig and then you wouldn’t have to deal with me.  Did you ever think of that?”

The chuckle on the other side made Cliff smile.  “What fun would that be?” she asked.  “Instead I would get a big hair drama queen that wouldn’t know the difference between a isobaric line and a punch line.  So tell me Cliffy, what has you all upset?”

“Did you look outside?” Cliff asked.  “I mean come on.”

“Watch out Cliffy,” she said.  “You are starting to tread on sacred ground here.  Be nice.”

“I want to,” Cliff said, “but I need to go on air in like twenty minutes and what I am going to announce to the masses is going to get me killed.”

“You are over reacting Cliffy,” she said.  “Just tell them it’s all a joke.  Your anchor will help you with his very professional laugh.”

Cliff paused.  “You know that means I’m going to have to fall on my old standby,” he said.

The voice hesitated before responding.  “Is this what the call is about?  You wanted permission to duck and cover?”

Cliff responded with a small voice.  “Yes please.  It’s just the last time you got so pissed that it made my life hell for a month.”

“Well it was March,” she said.  “I was well within my rights.”

“I know,” Cliff said.  “But I’m still paying for that one.”

“Okay Cliffy, you have my permission.  And Cliffy?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Cliffy responded, closing his eyes and dreading what was coming.

“Just wait till the next time you wash your car,” she said before hanging up the phone.

Cliff shuddered.  “Damn you woman.”

Antonio smiled into the camera.  “And now for the man who everyone has been waiting for, Cliff Hayes with the weather,” Antonio said.

Cliff’s camera went live and Cliff smiled his best, most polished smile.  “I know it is April 18th, but Mother Nature has one more burst of winter in her.  We can expect two inches tonight through Wednesday morning so be careful out there.  I can also tell you it won’t be around for long.  Thursday it will be sunny in the morning, but then the rains will come and wash the snow away.”

Antonio cut in, “How can you be sure of that Cliff?” he asked.

“Simple,” Cliff said.  “I am going to get my car washed.”  On cue Antonio began his most charming laugh, and Cliff relaxed knowing that he had hit it out of the park, even if it meant a wasted car wash.

Charles in Charge

Charles watched at the courtyard in his apartment complex.  The kids from 201B were once again playing some mashup between soccer and dodgeball.  They had brought in a few of the other kids from around the neighborhood and now they played in full teams of six.  It made Charles proud that he had developed the game and gave it to the oldest boy, Marcomb.  Marcomb would make a great leader one day, unless he died because of some random gang violence.  Charles would have to keep watch over the boy and make sure that didn’t happen.  It would be a waste to give something to the world and then watch it evaporate in a puddle of spilled blood.

Charles next took out his binoculars and looked up and across the way at apartment 520.  At least Charles was pretty sure that was the number.  It didn’t really matter.  He was already working his ways to make sure that Levi would be leaving sooner rather than later.  Levi just didn’t get it.  Charles had tried explaining again and again that even though Levi lived on the fifth floor, that he should either close the drapes, or leave his clothes on.  Charles hated the sight of Levi’s tattooed naked torso.  Charles focused the binoculars.  Yep, naked again.

Charles pulled out his cell phone and called Mrs. Gonzalez.  Lidia needed to know about this.  The phone rang five times and Lidia never picked up.  Charles was ready to leave a message, but the lady voice on the message told him that Lidia’s voicemail was full.  Of course it was.  She never took his messages anymore.  She was so caught up with “other things”.  What could be more important than making sure Levi pranced around with some clothes on, for goodness sake.

Charles checked one more time through his binoculars.  Yep, still naked.  That boy needed some shame.  For a moment Charles thought about confronting the man on his own, but then remembered that the last time he talked to Levi about it, Levi called the cops.  It took all of Charles’ powers to not have his binoculars taken.  Good thing the nice officer decided to let him off with a warning.  Unfortunately Charles had to report the man for not showing his badge properly when he visited.  Charles could understand the officer’s frustration since he was wearing a uniform, but Charles pointed out so many people wear those things to get favors.  That meant Charles had to be sure.

The sound of glass breaking brought Charles’ attention back to the courtyard.  All the children were scattering like cockroaches in a microwave.  Charles pointed his binoculars and saw one of the juveniles had put the ball through Lenny’s window.  Charles chuckled.  That had to have happened like ten times.  He would feel sorry for Lenny, but Lenny was such a loaner.  It would do Lenny good to talk to the officer who would respond.  Maybe Charles could catch the guy when he visited Lenny and ask him to check in on Levi.  Charles looked at Levi’s apartment again.  Yep, still naked.

Charles heard the sound of a police siren in the distance.  It was good to be the king.

Made For Each Other

She had me the way she chewed her pizza.  I always fall for the simple things.  I tried not to focus so hard on the way her lips moved and more on the run down pizzeria that framed her angelic chewing.  I immediately was struck with déjà vu of the Lady and the Tramp.  Now I wished I had ordered the spaghetti.  Of course that brought me back to those lips.

“So what do you like to do for fun?” I asked.

She paused in her chewing and placed her hand in front of those lips.  “Besides going on dates with people who go through my line?” she asked.

“Well I kinda hope I was a special case,” I said casting my eyes down to the pizza pie that separated us.  There were three slices missing, two from her side, one from mine.  There was an unbalance between us already.  I hastily took a second piece and some sauce spilled onto my hand.  The heat of it was almost burning hot, but I didn’t let out a noise.  I needed to be her man.  I left it there as a badge of honor.

Her hand moved away from her mouth exposing those luscious lips.  My second slice was forgotten next to the remnants of my first piece.   “It doesn’t happen every day,” she said.  She reached across the cheese and tomato sauce divide and touched my hand, removing the red spot.  Her touch was warmer than the sauce.  She took the sauce and sucked it from her fingers, those lips sealing the offending redness away.  She smiled at me, her eyes glittering.  “But now I sort of wish it did,” she said.

“That sounds like something doable to me,” I said.  “What should I buy tomorrow?”

She took another bite of pizza.  Those lips danced again, mesmerizing me.  I waited, not daring to take a breath.  I didn’t want to end the perfect moment.  She swallowed and a smile bloomed on her face.  “We can talk about it in the morning,” she said.

I raised my hand immediately.  “A box to go please!”

The Siren’s Call (A 100 word temptation)

All it takes is a simple word, no, and yet you cannot say it.  You hate being put in this position time and time again.  It seems every time you go looking it is there, staring you in the face.  You try to deny its existence, but it is always lurking just behind closed doors.  You could ask others for help, but they might actually take it away.  That may be what you want, but that’s not what you really want, is it?  You finally decide to throw open the doors to temptation when you see the cake is gone!