Expensive Mistakes

Harvey pulled out a Shun Reserve ND0747 Hollow-Ground Chef’s Knife out of its carrying case and placed it gently on his mahogany and ebony checkered cutting board.   Cassandra was impressed.  She watched a lot of Food Network and knew she was seeing some pretty hefty price tags in front of her.  Harvey had told her he liked to cook, and that man had put some money where his mouth was.

“So are you going to give me a show?” asked Cassandra as she sat down on the bar stool across the kitchen island from Harvey.  Cassandra noticed all the high end appliances in that new platinum color.  A mines worth of copper pots hung from the ceiling, gleaming in the soft glow of the perfect task lighting that offset the two small hanging art deco light fixtures that were the source of the ambiance light.

“I’m not the show off type,” Harvey said with that cute bashful grin he always wore at work.  It was one of the things that really made Cassandra a bit fluttery inside.

Cassandra clapped her hands together quickly three times.  “Come on, just a little one?  I’m excited to see what you can do.  Show me what you got.”  She turned her flirt meter to fifteen.  Cassandra was used to getting what she wanted.  Too often guys were so fake, promising too much and delivering too little.  She had a feeling that Harvey was going to be different.  All he needed was a little persuasion.

Harvey flicked his wrist and looked at his Apple Watch.  He breathed a sigh of relief and left the kitchen, heading for the front door.  Cassandra was confused.  Did her date just walk out on her, in his own apartment no less?  She crossed her arms in frustration.  Well screw you too Harvey Reynolds.  She got up and went over to the side table where she had set her small handbag.  It was time for her to grab what dignity she could still find lying about and leave.

Harvey came in holding three large brown paper bags.  He paused when he saw her.  “Don’t like Italian?” he asked.

Cassandra took a hesitation step forward.  “You ordered takeout?  I thought you wanted to make me dinner?” she asked.

Harvey half laughed, half sighed.  He held the bags of food out towards Cassandra as he shrugged his shoulders.  “Well, this is my version of making dinner,” Harvey said.  He walked behind the counter and used the Shun Reserve ND0747 Hollow-Ground Chef’s Knife to cut open the bags.  “I can’t cook at all.  To tell you the truth it kind of scares me, open flames and all.  One of the reasons I’m a corporate accountant and not a firefighter like the rest of my family.”

Cassandra put down her purse and slowly walked back to the island. “What about all this?” she asked while gesturing to the gorgeous chef’s kitchen.  “You have everything in a pampered chef’s wet dream.”

Harvey put the salad into two bowls and placed one of them in front of Cassandra.  “My sister works on a cooking show and they were looking for a home kitchen to shoot in.  I decided to do a makeover to see if I could land the show and write it off on taxes.  It would have been sweet, but then we were told that would be nepotism if she filmed here.  I should of known better, but I figured why not take a chance.”  Harvey opened up a bottle of Champaign and poured it into two fluted crystal stemmed glasses.  He handed one to Cassandra.  “Here’s to making expensive mistakes and having to live with them.”

Cassandra sipped while never letting her eyes leave Harvey.  As she put the glass back down she said, “You know I fancy myself a cook.  Maybe next time I can make dinner and put your fancy kitchen through its places.”

Harvey suddenly had a coughing fit, causing Cassandra to chuckle as she sat back down.  Yep, Harvey was going to be different, and that was exciting.  “So what’s for dinner?” she asked.

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