Wings of Time

A flutter of blue caught Daphne’s eye as she weeded her meager garden.  She looked up and saw a butterfly flutter here and there in search of something.  Daphne put down her trowel and held out her hand.  The butterfly quickly flew the other way, seemingly afraid of her, but if anything Daphne had learned to be patient over her lifetime.  She smiled as the butterfly decided Daphne wasn’t so scary anyhow and landed on her outstretched palm.

The beautiful sapphire blue wings slowly opened and closed as Daphne focused on keeping her hand perfectly still.  The simple beauty of this creature amazed her.  It had been a while since she had felt that way about herself.  Four kids and two failed marriages take a toll on that.  Most days she felt more like the caterpillar, just eating and trying to make it till the next phase of life.  Of course that next phase wasn’t going to be something beautiful like this.

Daphne gently coaxed the butterfly back into the air and returned to weeding.  Beauty was fleeting, but weeding was eternal, and that made Daphne smile again.

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