Writer (an acrostic poem)

Just a quick note that I am trying to write a long form story again, but I want to keep this blog active.  To achieve both goals I am going to try to publish acrostic poems here for a bit.  A lot of people seem to enjoy them, and I like writing them.  I will also try to put a widget on the home page letting you know the number of words I have on the new story.  Still for tonight here is your poem:

Working on a puzzle of words

Raveling an idea from the edge

Integrating characters with more issues than Reader’s Digest

Transforming their lives whether they want it or not

Encapsulating the whole thing with a puzzle box plot

Remembering I still need to sleep

2 thoughts on “Writer (an acrostic poem)

  1. Lol, I love it. Though my characters have a tendency to railroad me into doing things their way so T wouldn’t fly with them.

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