Insane (an acrostic poem)

Instead of staying home and enjoying the weekend

Nancy packed up her four kids and took off to travel around the state

Sanity began dripping away after three hours of kids songs

And really started evaporating after the seventh scream fest

Nancy soon was drooling as she turned the whole show around

Even though she never had reached the first destination

Crafty (an acrostic poem)

Catching her eye, Miguel made sure to flash his manly charm

Raquel smiled a shy smile and lightly bit her finger

Assuming he was the man, Miguel strutted over

Flirting hard, Raquel gave Miguel a huge hug before dropping him to leave with her friends

Turning away, Miguel told Raquel she was missing out as he walked away in victory

Yet Miguel never noticed his wallet was missing till he got home

Aspire (an acrostic poem)

A walk onto the field raised goosebumps 

Simon thought about his father’s career

Playing for the Rams in the trenches

Instilling a part of his soul in the turf

Reaching down, Simon ran his fingers through the grass

Envisioning the man whose shoes he was about to fill

Journey (an acrostic poem)

June looked back at the road she had traveled

Over the years there had been so many bruises and scrapes

Under achievements and over analyzed moments

Reflecting on the impact those times had on her

Never letting them derail her progress

Encouraging her to do more, do better, just do

Yielding a small smile, she turned around and walked into the sunset