Gift (an acrostic poem)

Gerry did a little dance as she held up her find

It was a necklace made by her son out of macaroni and given to her back when he was six

Finding it in some old things in her attic, she knew it would be a perfect wedding gift

Touching it up with some brass paint made it a true expression of what she felt

Timeless (an acrostic poem)

Tossing his fedora onto the coatrack, Martin sat at the piano

In no time the keys began to sing what was in his heart

Melodies rose and fell on the emotional tide

Enveloping Martin in memories of another time and place

Listening to those faint echoes of her laugh in the harmonies

Envisioning her smile as she joined him on the violin

Softly he finished his musical poem and smiled at her picture on the piano

She would always be a part of his soul