Mistake (an acrostic poem)

Making sure to ditch his wedding ring in his pocket

Isaac walked into the bar liked he owned the place

Sitting at the bar, a red head in a tight white blouse caught his eye

Taking his time to strut over, he made sure she noticed him

As his pulse kicked up he slung back a shot of whiskey

Killing any conscience that was still left

Escaping remorse till the morning

Lonely (an acrostic poem)

Looking around the mass of undulating people, Marcus grimaced

Originally he and Andre were supposed to play chess

Now Marcus was at the “party of the century”

Everyone was in everyone else’s space, gyrating to the primal beat

Leaving Marcus craving for a way to flee from all these people

Yet it wasn’t meant to be.  He was an island in that sea of humanity

Testing (a 100 word story)

Gerald pondered his test as the professor glared at him from the front of the class.  Gerald had no problem with this tests, but more with tests in general.  He thought that testing was only one way to really quantify how much he understood the material.  There were so many other ways to show competence.  Gerald quickly wrote down some of his favorites.  He could compose a poem based on the material.  He could create an interpretive dance.  He could even cook a meal based on indigenous recipes of Uganda to interpret the material.

Gerald’s physics professor wasn’t amused.