Miracle (an acrostic poem)

More people were in Dean’s apartment than what he was comfortable with

Instead of freaking out though, here he was flipping a water bottle, trying to land it

Rachel had challenged him to be more outgoing, to try new things

And Dean took her advice to heart, even though a part of him wanted to hide

Clearly this was going well considering Dean had never thrown a party

Landing the bottle, the crowd went wild.  Dean was so happy

Even though he didn’t know a single person there except Rachel

Relationships Decoded

After his seventh bowl of Captain Crunch, Dave looked up with his milk filled beard, “What do you think, Honey?” he asked.  He put on his craziest expression.  “I’m a cereal killer.”

“That’s surreal!” exclaimed Honey.  “More like a werewolf looking for his Milkbone.”  She tossed Dave a towel.  “Or maybe a fulfilled lap dog.”  She imitated a dog drinking water.

“Funny girl,” he garbled as he wiped his face clean, “but that skill might someday translate into some money.”

Honey crossed her arms.  “Really, and how are you going to do that?  Suing the Captain for his treasure chest and secret decoder ring?”

Dave threw the towel into her face.  “Competitive eating,” he said.  “They can make some nice coin I heard.”

Honey threw the towel back at Dave, which he moved to block, but missed it entirely.  It landed with great fanfare on top of his head.  “As long as you don’t have to catch the food, maybe you have a chance,” she said.

Dave removed the towel from his head.  “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” he said.  He looked at the cereal box sitting next to him.  “Now can I fit in one more bowl?”

“You know I know you really just want the decoder ring,” Honey said.

“Well, maybe,” Dave said reaching for the box.

Before he snagged it, Honey grabbed it and walked away from the table.  “Too slow,” she said as she disappeared down the hallway.

Dave reached into his pocket and removed the ruby red ring with the obligatory blue dial as its precious stone.  “Nope,” he said as he rubbed slowly his distended belly, “too full.”

Blessed (an acrostic poem)

Braving the elements, Lawrence left his condo and walked east

Leaving behind the love of his life and his children

Evening was setting in as the sun dropped below the horizon

Smiling with chattering teeth, he soon came upon his destination

Sliding back into the kitchen, Lawrence began washing his hands

Everyone deserved to have a good breakfast to start the day

Determined to bake fresh bread for those staying at the shelter, he began measuring

Story (an acrostic poem)

Sensing the drama level falling, Christine kicked it into high gear

To think she might go home tonight without having fun was ludicrous

Ordering another round for the table she raised her glass and offered a toast

Relishing the spotlight she threw it back and enjoyed the burn down her throat

Yet later, when the body count was done, hers was the one missing