Cliff (an acrostic poem)

Careening towards the precipice

Look at forever and trying to get away

I took a step back from the brink

Finding myself confronting my mortality

Feeling that that last step can happen another day



Caution (an acrostic poem)

Cliff looked at the oncoming traffic

All it would take is one step, and it would be all over

Unless they could get help to him in time

Then it would be even more pain

It was too risky of a plan

Oncoming traffic still whizzed by, oblivious to all this

Nope, it was none of their concern



Candy (an acrostic poem)

Confectionery overload of monumental proportions

Anxious moment of will the flowers get there, or did I send the flowers

Not remembering to get reservations and now seeing lines

Doing all this work for a corporate sponsored holiday

Yet we still celebrate Valentine’s Day



Coup De Grace (an acrostic poem)

Cutting the chain of command in half was the catalyst

Utter pandemonium ensued

Order had to be restored quickly

Perhaps regime change couldn’t be bloodless


Determined to see it to the end

Edwardo led his strike force into the Basilica Democracia


Gunfire erupted around him, but soon it was repressed

Reaching the central chamber he was surprised to find it empty

Already the so called senators had fled

Could it be that the national nightmare was over?

Everything went white as the explosion destroyed that hope

Contagious (an acrostic poem)

Coughing unleashed the invading fleet into open space

Outbound they honed in on their target

Nearing insertion they began to establish a beachhead

The defenders began to rally, but initially their attempts were repulsed

As the invaders worked their way deeper into enemy territory

Gains came at a cost as the defenders began to rally

Increasing loses piled up as the invaders lost ground

Orders to retreat passed thorough the remaining invaders

Under extreme pressure the invaders began their exit strategy

Soon a another cough sent the survivors onto another battle



Crabby (an acrostic poem)

Camping by the frozen stream wasn’t Nick’s idea

Rachel loved winter camping so much

After using all her leverage, she finally convinced him to try

Being so cold shouldn’t be possible, Nick thought

But here he was freezing and fuming, trying to feed the fire twigs

Yet even Rachel asking him to join her failed to warm his disposition