Heat (an acrostic poem)

He couldn’t imagine being colder in that moment

Even though the flames were quite toasty

All he had wanted to do was turn the temperature up a bit

Too bad the electric heater started the house fire


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Those Damn Shoes! (a 100 word story)

Claire wore many hats.  She absolutely loved them, switching between them multiple times every day, but it was always the shoes that she was deathly afraid of.  She could be mom, wife, daughter, confidant, friend, enemy, goddess, and demon, but when it came to shoes, well, then she felt she had to pretend to be someone else.

That’s why she decided one day to just go barefoot.  It meant sometimes stepping on things the wrong way, freezing her toes, or just having her feet absolutely filthy, but they were always hers, and she could sleep well at night knowing that.


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Consequences (an acrostic poem)

Crisp hundred dollar bill was slipped inside the card

Okay, maybe that wasn’t enough.  A second one went in

Now that should buy some mercy or at least forgiveness

She couldn’t want that much more from him

Everything had gone according to plan

Quaint superstitions and taboos were maintained

Under his watchful eye

Everything had gone perfectly

Now he realized that perfect had been from his perspective

Couldn’t have anticipated she would have so much trouble with it

Everyone is a bit weird.  People were messy, and she was people

Still, two hundred should buy his way out, right?


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Pine (an acrostic poem)

Pinching her eyes closed, she wished as hard as she could

If there was even a small chance of her wish coming true she had to try

Needing to see him one more time she opened her eyes full of hope

Even though she knew he would never be there again


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