Click (an acrostic poem)


Counting up the points on my computer screen
Looking for the correct answers
It sometimes hurts to see their logic, it’s so broken
Can’t believe how creative they can be at other times
Killing me that I didn’t think of that first as I select their score and…

Comet (an acrostic poem)


Cold chunks of ice and rock hurtling through space
Old as the start of the solar system, debris from the very beginning
Making their way in eccentric orbits
Ever trying to crash into the sun
Too bad they always miss

Plus (an acrostic poem)


Putting things together is something I do all the time

Lets me add all the nuances I think I need

Until I start to subtract by adding too much

So am I good at knowing when that happens?  No, but when I do learn it, it will be a huge…

Friends (an acrostic poem)


Finding your people is an important task

Resulting in stability in an otherwise unstable world

It was time-consuming, nerve-racking, and sometimes difficult

Even when you stumble upon the perfect candidates, the work has just begun

Now you have to make time and not let life and family and work and, and, and,

Distract you from keeping those connections from atrophying

So how are you doing today, my …

Numb (an acrostic poem)


No feelings, this way the pain and depression can’t get you

Under the haze of nothingness, you try to coast through life

Mumbling what you hope are sympathetic phrases to those around you.

Believing that this was the only way to make it through.

Rumble (an acrostic poem)


Reaching for the door he stumbled and fell

Under his prone body, the earth danced and shook

Maybe it was the rum shots of rum, but he then saw a painting fall

Being of not-so-sound mind, he laughed at the irony

Liquid courage surged through his veins as he managed to stand again

Except that’s when the house fell around him, so he joined it and cried.

Rum (an acrostic poem)


Reaching for the bottle and pouring out a healthy shot

Under the full moon on a tropical beach

Maybe this summons the spirit of a legendary pirate, or at least a wannabe one who can dance

Flabbergasted (an acrostic poem)


Focused on the end result was what got him through life.

Living moment to moment, always marching toward the end goal of the moment.

And that’s why he sat there in utter shock.

Because his plans had just been shattered into a million pieces.

Blooming into millions of new problems that he had no answers for.

Everything he had meticulously set up.

Reaching for the half-empty whiskey bottle, he took another long pull.

Going to be a long night trying to figure all this out again.

And if that wasn’t crazy enough, he now had people trying to call him day and night.

So that they could be part of it all, part of the rebuild.

That made it worse since he had always had to do it on his own, so their help now seemed disingenuous.

Every day from now on will be even more difficult

Don’t win the lottery.  That should have been his first rule.

Year (an acrostic poem)


You all said it couldn’t be done.

Every single one of you bet against me.

And now here we are, 365 days later, and what do you have to say now?

Really?  Told you so?  I thought you might have a bit more sympathy since I failed so miserably