My Vella

Hello everyone. I apologize for not getting a poem ready for tonight. I am physically and emotionally beat right now. If you want something to read, you can read for free my first three Vella episodes from my soon-to-be novel, Fallen From Mercy right here:

I hope to have a new acrostic poem up tomorrow night. Take care and thank you for stopping by!!!

Long (an acrostic poem)


Looking at images of waves crashing ashore

Over a strip of warm inviting sandy beach

Now she really wanted to go there right now

Gonna have to wait till next year though.  She sighed.

Design (an acrostic poem)

Determined to make it more than merely functional

Eugene adding sweeping lines and lots of pretty colors

So it would stand out from the rest of the crowd

It might have been a bit garish, but his customer said she loved it

Giving him all the feels as he hugged her

Now his mom had to figure out what to do with her new macaroni studded glittery candle holder

Sudden (an acrostic poem)

Silence slashed through the crowd

Until not a sound was left standing

Destroying the laughter that had been flowing through their collective veins

Distressed, they looked at each other mutely

Everything from this moment on would never be the same

Now if they could say what happened…

Appears (an acrostic conversation )

“And that’s when she went like poof right before me eyes”

“Poof sir? What do you mean by that?”

“Poof. You know, like what those magician blokes do to rabbits.”

“Exactly what are you trying to say, sir? Was there a magician involved?”

“As if. I don’t fraternize with them sorts. They might do the unthinkable.”

“Really? And what would be unthinkable?”

“Such things like bringing me misses back after she poofed I tell you!”

Rating (an acrostic poem)

Ranking all of her best features from best to worst

And then deciding if she was worth it

That was something no one wanted to go through

It was humiliating and made her less than human

Not that she has any choice in it

Given that image in the mirror made her feel like she was at the bottom