Wrecked (an acrostic poem)

Wasted time dribbled away from Kenny

Reaching for his mostly empty beer, he finished the job

Everyone turned as he slammed it to the bar top

Cussing at the slow bartender, he demanded another

Know what? He found out the gutter was cold with snow runoff

Eventually, he managed to get himself into a sitting position

Depositing the remains of that beer into the gutter, he watched time follow it down the drain


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Broke (an acrostic poem)

Being poor made things easy for Chris

Really there were no money decisions

Of course, it also meant at times he had to go hungry

Keeping him always a bit on edge

Even then, it made life simpler, and poor Chris was a simple man.


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Pressure (an acrostic poem)

Pushing past the limits of her endurance

Rita kept ratcheting up the tension in her muscles

Everything was on the line this time

Success and she was set for life

Slip up and she would be homeless and broken

Urging her body to give her just a little more

Rita growled as she felt her opponent quiver

Everything after that happened so fast she didn’t know how to react


Image: cdn.thewirecutter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/pressurecookers-2×1-8975.jpg

Lame (an acrostic poem)

Limping into work, Liza felt crappy

As she got to her desk she got a call that she needed to go to HR

Manager there told her she was being let go because of an inappropriate joke

Eventually, she stumbled home, physically, mentally, and emotionally…


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