Wind (an acrostic poem)

Whispers called to her aching heart from the breeze playing with her hair

It promised her more than she ever hoped for

Nothing would come of it. It was just the murmurs of zephyrs

Didn’t matter though, because it gave her hope, and she wouldn’t let that blow away

Dark (an acrostic poem)


Down below, the peons flee from the stars above

As if their puddle of light was armor they could wear to ward off predators

Reaching for his bow, he took aim at one such automaton and let loose the string

Killing it would be a blessing, releasing the fear to evaporate into the…

My Vella

Hello everyone. I apologize for not getting a poem ready for tonight. I am physically and emotionally beat right now. If you want something to read, you can read for free my first three Vella episodes from my soon-to-be novel, Fallen From Mercy right here:

I hope to have a new acrostic poem up tomorrow night. Take care and thank you for stopping by!!!

Long (an acrostic poem)


Looking at images of waves crashing ashore

Over a strip of warm inviting sandy beach

Now she really wanted to go there right now

Gonna have to wait till next year though.  She sighed.