Too Hot (an acrostic poem)

Teasing him with her eyes from across the dance floor, he decided to give it a try.

Oliver tried to move to the beat as he danced across the floor and into her personal space

Over the loud thumping of the speakers around them he mouthed, “Want to play?”


He expected her to laugh at him, but instead she danced closer yet

Orbiting her, he could feel the heat she was giving off

That’s one of the many reasons why he had married her all those years before

Moving On

I’ve been helping move friends of mine the past couple of days, and it reminds me of two important things.

The first is you can take it with you, but do you really want to?  We have only so much space in our lives and living spaces for stuff.  Some of us have a higher tolerance than others for what things need to stay, but we get ready to move every item is held in your hand with the same question poised, “Do we really need that?”  So many of our things and memories are linked to what we have and where we are.  We can afford to keep ten of X or have three extra Y.  When we have to move our residence we realize what was folly, what was overindulgence, and what had just overstayed its welcome yet found a place in our space such as not to impinge too much.  Moving shakes this paradigm and lets the chips fall where they may.

The second one is of spatial reasoning.  It is always amazing how much more stuff can be stuffed into a smaller space as one uses their well honed Tetris skills in space time manipulation.  You can take a 2000 square foot house and compact it into a 27 foot long trailer.  This is amazing, but not as amazing as the time it takes to do all of it.  What you think should only take a couple of hours takes most of a day.  Part of that are the trips down memory lane with each new discovery from the previous point.  It was nice helping someone else get ready since every time I have moved, except for the first time out of my parent’s house, was done under time duress.  Every box we took out of the house took us one step closer, but at the same time the time eaten put more pressure on getting it because we had to be out the next day or two.  My friends are under a time crunch, but not that hard, so it was nice to be more deliberate, but at the same time they have other stresses such as most of their stuff is now in a Tetris puzzle in a 27 foot trailer and the house they currently are living in is now an echo chamber for the last week of them living there.  I’m sure time will seem to fly by, but also last forever as they eat on folding chairs and a card table.

As I contemplate my own move that will happen hopefully within the next year I wonder how me and my family will figure out solutions to these two things.  I have ducked the problem by commuting for the past six years, but too many nights not coming home to the family has grown old.  Taking a peek into what then future might hold grounds me and allows me to start thinking about the future.  Still, first I need to create a test for Wednesday, so if you’ll excuse me, I must be moving on.

Snow Day (a 100 word snippet)

We home school our kids.  When people find out, they occasionally point out reasons why that’s a bad idea.  They worry about our kids being properly socialized.  They worry that our kids will have holes in their education.  They worry that our kids are getting out of some pieces of childhood that are integral to becoming functional adults.

My kids found out the true negative to being home schooled.  They are currently learning at the dining room table while their public schooled compatriots enjoy a day off.  Time for me to break out a bottle of wine and enjoy the misery.

Leap Ahead (a 100 word truth?)

Is time ever lost or gained?  The reality of life is that time is experienced.  It can be wasted, or treasured.  It can be counted one second at a time or embraced as a whole.  Time is a measure of the ever increasing chaos around us.  Nothing incorporates all these thoughts as succinctly as “leaping ahead”.  So as you leap ahead an hour, remember you didn’t really lose an hour, but gained a shifted perspective on life.  Think about that while you try to stay awake in church in the morning because you didn’t get your full beauty sleep tonight.

The Promise

The slow hiss of the radiator exhaling its last breath before moving on to the big recycling center in the sky made Jerry almost giddy.  “This time she’s dead!” he said as he shut the engine off.  He popped open the glove compartment of his 2001 Toyota Corolla and pulled out the once shiny, but now grimy and worn, flier for a brand new Chevy Camaro.  He flipped to the picture of a flaming red brute that seemed like it was about to drive off the page.  “Gotcha!” he yelled, pumping his fist in the air.  He then put his hand in his mouth from where he had just punched the roof of his Corolla.  “Sorry girl,” he said.  Jerry pulled out his cell phone and dialed a tow truck.  Time to get his ass to the dealership.

Jerry watched as his car was dropped off near the service bay.  He waved at the tow truck driver as the driver finished releasing the car into the space.  “Thanks, Vinnie!    Nice riding with you!” Jerry said.

Vinnie started to get back into the cab.  “You enjoy that dream cars of yours, dude.  Hopefully I won’t be seeing you around,” Vinnie said with a big grin on his face.  He slipped in behind the wheel and tooted the horn as he drove out of the parking lot.

Jerry waved as he watched Vinnie leave.  A voice from behind startled him.  “What can I help you with today?”

Jerry whirled around to see a large man with a cowboy hat wearing khakis and penny loafers with honest to goodness pennies in the pockets. Those pennies gleamed in the bright sun and made Jerry reconsider his color of choice.

“I’m hear to pick out a brand new Camaro,” Jerry said.  “My Toyota just died and it’s time to live the dream.”

“Your Corolla died,” the cowboy hat man said.  “Do you want me to get you a quote on how much to fix it?”

Jerry shook his head.  “No sir.  I want to buy a Camaro.  I’ve been waiting for five years for this moment.”

The cowboy hat man pointed his thumb in the direction of the deceased Corolla.  “Then why do you have that over there?” he asked.

“It just died an hour ago.  I wanted to get here as fast as I could, so I had Vinnie drop me off here.  To do that, he had to drop my car off as well.  So now we’re both here,” Jerry said.

The cowboy hat man put is hands on his hips.  “That ain’t gonna do,” he said.  Jerry was about to butt in, but the cowboy hat man raised up a hand to cut him off.  “I know, you want a Camaro,” the cowboy hat said.  “I want to sell one to you, trust me.”  He grinned so quick, like he just said something particularly funny.  Jerry missed the humor.  “But I can’t be having you beater car parked in my lot.  You need to take care of it before we get down to brass tacks.”

Definitely copper or brass for the paint color thought Jerry.  He could just see how sexy it would look.  He shook himself out of his daydreaming.  “So I can’t buy a car until I take care of my old one?” he asked.

“That’s what I’m telling you,” the cowboy hat man replied.  “So how do you want to work this?”

Jerry looked at his old car.  He had made a promise to the vehicle that he wouldn’t trade her in or replace her while she still lived.  “Will you take it as a trade in?” he asked.

The cowboy hat man looked at the Toyota once more.  “Does it run?” he asked.

“She blew a radiator,” Jerry replied.  “So if you replaced that you would be all set.”

The cowboy hat man shook his head again.  “Is that a 2003?”

“She’s a 2001,” Jerry replied.

The cowboy hat man put his hands on his hips again.  “Nope, won’t touch it until she runs.  I could barely get two hundred for it if it worked.”

Jerry began to get desperate.  “What if I told you you could have her for free?” he pleaded.

That made the cowboy hat man laugh.  “You would have to pay me to take that car off your hands,” he said.

“How much,” asked Jerry.

“The amount it would take to replace that radiator,” the cowboy hat man said.  “Then I could get my two hundred.”

Jerry pulled out of the dealership in his newly repaired Corolla, muttering under his breath.  Maybe next time he wouldn’t make a promise to an inanimate object that he wasn’t willing to keep.  He pounded on the dashboard and immediately felt bad.  “Sorry girl.  I’ll make it up to you and take you to the car wash.”

Mind Worm

The words bawl up inside my mind, burrowing deeper, eating away at who I am.  I try to rip open my skull to allow the words out, freeing me from the infestation, but it runs deeper, trying to eat away at my core, my soul.  If it can eat away enough of me I won’t be able to summon up the courage to dig deep enough to get all of it.  Will I win?  We will see.  Hopefully no matter what happens it will be epic.