Scale (an acrostic poem)


So much angst when he stepped onto the platform

Cold sweat dripped down his back as the numbers cycled

All of his hard work undone by pizza and wings on his birthday

Leaving him waiting for the bad news

Except when he compared the number to that of an NFL lineman, well then he was okay

Soliloquy of Opposites (100 words)

The lights dance upon that Christmas tree of green that is vibrant on the outside, but slowly dying on the inside.  That is me in a nutshell.  My hair and eyes are almost perfect.  I wear the designer clothes that are all the rage.  They might as well be my burial shrouds, my face paint for my eternal rest.  Am I misunderstood, or have just misunderstood what life was meant to be?  Some might blame teenaged angst, but I blame the angst against teenagers.  We are expected to play our roles, but I feel I am the one being played.