Gown (an acrostic poem)


Gorgeous satin swirled around her ankles

Outwardly she seemed enthralled with the garment

When inside she wasn’t sure that she really wanted it

Now maybe if the damn thing had pockets….


Image: victoriasqueen.com/uploads/product/1/7/17381/Burgundy-velvet-with-red-satin-V-neck-34-sleeve-gown-3.jpg

Scream (a 150 word story)

The click of an empty chamber fell upon recently deafened ears.  It was finally over, or at least Margret hoped so.  Then there was the creak of a door opening downstairs.  She dove under her bed.  She had dropped a couple of rounds when loading last time.  She just needed to find them.

The stairs creaked and groaned as the cause of the noise climbed to the second floor.

Margret’s searching hand slapped away a smooth metallic object.  She stifled a curse and pulled herself further under the bed.

The door to the bedroom opened.

Margret felt tears fall from her chin.  She closed her eyes and said a prayer.  Her hand still searching, her fingers found the fallen round.  She slowly opened the chamber and slid it in.  She frantically tried to locate her assailant.

The floor creaked.

Something grabbed her ankles and pulled.

She never got to scream.


Image: cdn8.bigcommerce.com/s-tx2yx/images/stencil/500×659/products/166/430/2016-productphotos_0005_40_s_w_180gr_fmj_reman___40347.1488304151.jpg?c=2