Magnetic (an acrostic poem)


Mutual attraction brought the two of them together

And once they touched, they were inseparable

Giving those around them uneasy feelings

Not because of their intense connection

Explicitly because they were so opposite of each other

Their friends thought any day now the relationship would explode

It didn’t dawn on them that the couples’ differences were what united them

Causing their two halves to truly be one whole

Instant Attraction (a 100 word love story)

I look across the room and our eyes meet.  I can feel the attraction between us, almost a gravitational pull that I can barely resist.  I hold my ground, not being seduced to sweep her off her feet.  Then she unleashes her voice.  My soul begins to quiver.  It is like my whole body was made to respond to her voice.  Yet still I resist the urge to cross the room and sweep her off her feet.  Then she begins to cry.  Each tear rends my soul, tearing me apart.  I give up and sweep up my crying baby girl.