Range (an acrostic poem)

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Risking it all on a forty-footer

And as the basketball left her hand, the clocks went to all zeroes

Now it was now all physics, the skill was already committed

Google clutch, and it would show this shot if it goes in

Everyone waited seemingly forever as the ball bounced on the rim once, twice…

Check Please

“I have three goals in life,” Charlie said as he checked the basketball by bouncing it to Devin and having Devin bounce it back to him.  Charlie juked left and then drove hard right.  Devin was a half-step behind and Charlie was able to put up an offhand layup.

“Okay, so what are your three goals?” asked Devin.

Charlie checked the ball again and paused.  “One is to accomplish the impossible,” Charlie said.  Charlie then drove hard one step forward.  Devin reacted and began backpedaling.  Charlie pulled up short and drained the jumper.

“Good luck with that one,” Devin said.  He grabbed the basketball and passed it back to Charlie.  “What are the other two?

“Stop the unstoppable force,” Charlie said, checking the ball again.  Charlie then just stepped back and drained the long range jumper before Devin could even elevate.

Devin shook his head.  “Okay, that is just plain dumb,” he said.  Devin didn’t move, so Charlie had to go get the basketball himself.  Charlie checked the ball, but Devin held onto it instead of bouncing it right back to Charlie.  “What is the last one?”

“Just check the ball,” Charlie said.  Devin bounced the ball hard at Charlie’s feet and as Charlie grabbed it, Devin was on top of him.  There was no room between the two of them.  Devin swiped at the ball, but missed.  Charlie dropped his shoulder and gave one strong step into Devin, throwing him off balance.  Devin had to take a step back and Charlie elevated, letting go the jump shot. The ball bounced once, twice, then dropped through the basket.  “Game!” Charlie yelled.  “Oh, and the third thing was to beat you so bad you would stop calling yourself unstoppable and  telling me how impossible it was for me to win.”

Devin broke into a grin.  “Son, you can’t beat me bad enough for that to happen,” Devin said.

“You ain’t my daddy,” Charlie said.  “And just watch me beat you badly again.”

Devin picked up the ball and tossed it to Charlie.  “That’s impossible.”

Charlie checked the ball.