Messy (an acrostic poem)


Maybe you feel life is a bit to chaotic lately

Everything keeps adding to the clutter of your days

So what? 

Sometimes there can be beauty in the random

You just need to catch your breath and see it

Rose (an acrostic poem)

Removing the petals, one by one

Oh how the flower sheds its beauty

Soon he clutches just the thorny stem

Eventually, the bleeding will stop, but the hurting…



Weed (an acrostic poem)

When you burst through the cracks of society

Everyone thinks you need to be pruned back

Everything must go back to the “good old days”

Don’t let them tread on you.  Grow strong and bloom.  Let your beauty shine!



Temptation (an acrostic poem)

There once was a prince who desired the largest pearl in the world

Every day he obsessed with finding one bigger than what he owned

Many oyster divers would bring him their treasures with hope

Perhaps they would have a bigger one, and the prince would buy it

There was one woman whose beauty was world renowned

And she had a necklace given to her from her husband that had a large pearl

That story made it to the prince, and he called to meet with her

In retrospect, everyone knew what would happen next

Of course he wanted the pearl and the woman, but both were not for sale

Now he swings back and forth in his noose, a pile of pearls scattered under himn



Wings of Time

A flutter of blue caught Daphne’s eye as she weeded her meager garden.  She looked up and saw a butterfly flutter here and there in search of something.  Daphne put down her trowel and held out her hand.  The butterfly quickly flew the other way, seemingly afraid of her, but if anything Daphne had learned to be patient over her lifetime.  She smiled as the butterfly decided Daphne wasn’t so scary anyhow and landed on her outstretched palm.

The beautiful sapphire blue wings slowly opened and closed as Daphne focused on keeping her hand perfectly still.  The simple beauty of this creature amazed her.  It had been a while since she had felt that way about herself.  Four kids and two failed marriages take a toll on that.  Most days she felt more like the caterpillar, just eating and trying to make it till the next phase of life.  Of course that next phase wasn’t going to be something beautiful like this.

Daphne gently coaxed the butterfly back into the air and returned to weeding.  Beauty was fleeting, but weeding was eternal, and that made Daphne smile again.