Spoon (an acrostic poem)

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She cuddled up to him under the covers

Pulling her body along his to get warm

Outside the wind blew and the cold rain fell

Outside the chaos of jobs and bills demanded attention and yet…

None of that mattered.  They were together in that moment

Cash (an acrostic poem)

Counterfeit bills lined his bedroom like wallpaper

And he doesn’t tell his “visitors” the difference

So when they take their due and leave he just prints more

He should have felt bad, but he just didn’t give a buck


Image: gannett-cdn.com/presto/2019/02/26/PBAC/6608ea50-0d22-4f18-88b0-e3206864eb0c-Obverse_of_the_series_2009_100_Federal_Reserve_Note.jpg