Boil (an acrostic poem)


Being forced to sit and listen to their inane chatter almost made steam come out of her ears

Of all the places on Earth she could be, here she was wanting to scream for release

It took all her self-control not to just explode

Looking at her face, though, you could see her face turn a brighter red than a lobster left too long at a…

Chef (an acrostic poem)

Cooking the lights out every night was her goal in life

Harvesting awesome flavors from every ingredient she touched

Extreme foodies would travel from halfway around the world to sample her dishes

Focusing on that dream, the six-year-old watched her mom boil water

Poet (an acrostic poem)


Placing emotions on a page, then folding them into intricate origami dioramas of life

Or pluck stars from the sky and plant them under mountains to grow gemstone geodes

Even distill humanity, boil off the dross, and serve up a potent shot of pure intoxication and misery

Then crumple up the whole thing, delete the file, and try again since the craft was not perfected