Curls (an acrostic poem)


Cutting her hair, at one time, would make her cry. It was such a horrible experience

Utter fear would grip her upon sitting in the chair knowing she was at the mercy of the hairdresser

Red hair ringlets defined the core of who she was and were her pride and joy, so she was so particular

Letting the electric razor zoom across her scalp, she smiled.

Suck it, cancer! She would grow back stronger.

Mass (an acrostic poem)


Maybe she should have gone to church more often

Any time things got rough she would break down and go

So now here she was, talking to the priest about her cancer

Sometimes it helps to find someone to help to with the heavy lifting

A Moment of Twilight

Kristin looked out her back window as the gate on backyard fence swung open and shut to the rhythm of the bitter winter wind.   Kristin loved this time of day as the light faded into twilight.   It was a magical moment where everything seemed refreshingly new and extremely old simultaneously.  Kristin lost herself in that wind and light, memorizing the sound, and feeling the chill seep into her bones even though she held onto her steaming mug of tea.  She wanted to live in that moment for the rest of her life and ignore the cancer slowly eating her from the inside out, but then her baby boy began to cry, and her magical twilight faded into the numbing darkness of night.

Conflicted Thoughts

Thomas looked at the screen in front of him, not knowing where to go next.  Should his hero pursue the woman of his dreams, or the woman he needed?  What about the aunt who adopted the hero when he was three, and loves him like a son, but has been pushing him away because she knows she has cancer and doesn’t want to have him see her suffer?  What about his boss and the problems he is having with drinking rum and coke to wake up in the morning, but nobody calling attention to it since he is the President of the United States?  Or for that matter the cabinet member who happens to be a scout assassin from a race of space beings who are still trying to decide if earth needs to be recycled?  So much power as a writer, but should he save his universe or trash it and start with a clean slate and hopefully another big bang of inspiration?  Thomas wondered if God was similarly flummoxed at times.