Scone (an acrostic poem)


Sometimes you need something sweet.

Connie pointed to the orange cranberry pastry and paid for her splurge.

Once seated she dipped it in her coffee and took a bite.

Nothing prepared her for the explosion of signals from her tastebuds.

Everyone in her family preferred biscuits, but she would always be team…

Fuel (an acrostic poem)


Fiddling with her coffee mug, she looked out the window with dead eyes

Ugly vibes hung in the air on words that shouldn’t have been said

Everyone, even him, had to understand life’s fundamental truth

Leave her alone until she tanked up on at least one mug full

Heft (an acrostic poem)


Heavy thoughts weighed her down

Entrapping here emotions in a depressive black hole

Finding herself unable to escape its impetuous gravitational pull

That was until she finally drank her coffee

Coffee (an acrostic poem)


Cup of her liquid wakeup was held close to her nose

Olfactory sensors lit up her brain with anticipation

Followed with her stomach preparing for the scalding acidic onslaught

Fluid of the darkest black splashed and sloshed along her tongue

Everything in her mouth screamed as the heat seared her taste buds

Except she considered that her wakeup alarm symphony.  The day could now begin.

Armor (an acrostic poem)


As her alarm heralded a new call to battle

Randi braced herself for another day in the trenches

Making her coffee extra strong, it sent her heart racing

On went her power suit and matching shoe briefcase combo

Reaching for her favorite pen, she was ready for war

Chaos (an acrostic poem)

Cacophony of past and future ideas

Hoarded on every flat surface of her office

A dizzying architecture of paperwork, books, and coffee mugs littered the officescape

Organized by randomness and curated by wild pixies

Still, she found the correct form in less than twenty seconds



Get Paid (an acrostic poem)

Ginny hated volunteering with a passion

Even if it was for an awesome cause like the animal shelter

That’s why she was in such a black mood, but she was there


Patrick came in, happy to see Ginny showed up

As he handed her her favorite coffee he turned up the wattage of his smile

It made Ginny rethink this whole volunteering thing

Dollars weren’t the only currency around



Intrigue (an acrostic poem) part 4

It didn’t make Mike happy that he killed that poor woman

No, that wasn’t right.  He did it because of that damn blackmail note

There was no way he was going to let his blackmailer get away with it though

Reviewing hours of video was something he used to do as a private eye

It wasn’t his favorite part of a horrible job, but he was good at it

Grabbing his coffee he slowed down the frames

Unable to believe what he was seeing he checked it fifteen times

Everything finally made sense, and he had his lead



Llama dilema

I was looking through reddit again and found this prompt.  You are Larry the Llama, who has spent his entire life in an enclosure owned by a sadistic farmer. Tonight the farmer got drunk and left the gate open.  I dropped the sadistic part and… well you can read on.  :>)


Larry the Llama ran back to his two brothers, Darryl and his other brother Darryl.  “Guys.  Guys!  The gate, it’s like open,” Larry said.

Darryl and other brother Darryl just kept eating grass.  Larry jumped up and down.  “We can leave.  We can run out there into the world and see everything,” Larry said.

Darryl looked up, but other brother Darryl kept eating.  “What places?” Larry repeated.  “Well I heard the farmer’s wife talk about this place called the village where they have coffee shops and grocery stores where they give you food.”

Darryl went back to eating, but other brother Darryl now looked at Larry.  “I don’t know what coffee is,” Larry said.  “I also don’t know what kind of food they have.  It might be better grass, or maybe fine hays from way over that horizon.  Imagine the possibilities.”

Both Darryls looked at Larry.  “Hey, there isn’t a wolf or mountain lion around every corner,” Larry said.  Darryl went back to eating, but other brother Darryl cocked his head.  “But that fence is there to keep us in, to oppress us.”

Both Darryls turned their back on Larry and kept eating grass.  Larry snorted.  “Fine, you guys be sheep.  I’m going to explore out there and live a life you guys wish you had the guts to do,” Larry said.

Larry ran to the gate.  He proudly and defiantly stepped out of the gate.  He stood there, basking in his glory before running back into the pen and closing the gate behind him.  Larry could hear the snorts of laughter behind him.  “Laugh all you want, but someone has to be the responsible one around here,” Larry said.  He turned around to challenge the Darryls, but even he had to start giggling as he watched them roll on the floor, laughing.