Crush (an acrostic poem)

Cupid struck him right upside his head

Reducing him to a puddle at her feet

Unhinged he lobbed a lopsided grin her direction

She didn’t catch it at all as she focused his wingman

Her mind went to mush as Cupid played his sick game



Forging a Relationship (a 200 word Valentine)

The forge glowed red hot, casting a hellish glow.  Kira pulled her quenched metal from the oil bath.  The piece blazed to life as residual oil ignited from the heat still encapsulated in the metal’s heart.  Kira had beaten that heart into the piece, using a piece of hers as the model.  She took a rasp and dragged it along the edge of the metal.  The rasp danced and so did Kira’s heart.  It was hard.

Later that evening she left the smithy behind and went in search of Pablo.  She knew her parents would love to have her marry the boy, but Kira wasn’t happy about it.   He was the baker’s boy, and while she thought he was cute he was a bit pudgy.

She found him entertaining his friends.  She hung back watching him while nervously shifting her metal creation in her hands.  That’s when she saw her opportunity.  With a flick of her wrist, she sent the disc flying, cutting Cupid’s bow in half as the imp had been aiming at her.

Cupid’s look would have broken many a heart, but Kira smiled.  She might still fall for the boy, but it would be under her terms.



Man Down!

I hurried to the next tree and peered around it carefully.  No sight of my query, so I moved on softly.  I knew the guy was nearby.  He had just shot one of my friends straight in the heart.  I never saw somebody fall so fast.  I tried to save my friend, but it was obviously too late, so I took off after shooter.  I tried to tackle the guy, but he flew past me in a blur.

My special ops training allowed me to track that bastard this far, but he seemed to have vanished.  I noticed a woman and a man in what seemed like a very emotional conversation a ways away from me.  The woman seemed to notice me and gave me a thumbs up signal.  I was confused why she signaled me, but then I realized the signal wasn’t for me.  I looked up in the branches of the tree.

There he was, bow drawn.  I grabbed him by the leg and threw him to the ground, the bow and arrow scattering into the underbrush.  The little guy tried to fly off again, but I grabbed him by the wings and pinned him to the earth.  A couple quick backslaps to the face took the fight right out of him.

“Why did you do that to my buddy?” I asked the bastard.

The guy looked like I asked the dumbest question on the planet.  “Because that’s my job?” he asked.

“Well you shot the wrong man, and for that you will have to pay the price,” I finished saying just as the woman who had signaled earlier did a flying tackle on my distracted behind.  I rolled off the little guy and he was off into the air like a shot.  I shook my fist at the little bugger as he flew out of sight.

I got back to my feet ready to give that woman a piece of my mind, but she was bawling, lying on the ground.   “What is wrong with you?” I asked.

“He was going to shoot my boyfriend.  Then we wouldn’t have broken up,” she said.

I couldn’t believe my ears.  “Are you crazy?” I asked.

She got up and looked at me with pure hatred.  “Who are you to judge me?” she asked.  She then turned and hobbled off.  I threw my hands up in the air.  “Get going you stupid idiot,” I said.  “I did you a favor.”

She flipped me off from behind as she continued to walk away.  I was so glad this fiasco was over.  I hoped to never see her sorry behind ever again.  That’s when I felt it.  That little bastard had picked up his kit and shot me.

As I watched the woman of my dreams walking out of my life, hating me forever, I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t know what to say.  I just wanted to be loved.