Spilled Milk!

Some people say don’t cry over spilled milk, but I ask you, why not?  What if that was the last of your milk and you still have one more cookie?  Would that be worth crying over?  How about if that cup of spilled milk was actually smashed over your head by a large man whom you just met, especially if it was over you taking the last cookie from him?  What about if that spilled milk contained a miracle cure for aging where you would never grow old, and you were just about to drink to your perpetual health with a celebratory cookie you had taken from a large man you had just met and didn’t quite understand why he seemed so loud?

Don’t tell me not to cry over spilled milk.  Now I’m going to go eat my cookie with my black eye all by myself as I watch my precious moments on this earth evaporate away just like the life giving milk in front of me.