Crashed (an acrostic poem)

Cody hit the wall, then he hit the Monster Energy Drink

Rallying his remaining reserves, Cody began to code some more

As he pounded the keys, Cody realized he was even thinking in code

Still, he could feel the friction of lethargy begin to slow his neurons

He doubled down, blinking away at the ever growing wave of exhaustion

Everything became a blur, but Cody pushed even harder

Didn’t realize a keyboard could leave such an imprint on his drool  drenched cheek



Crash (an acrostic poem)

Counting the number of ceiling tiles for the fifteenth time

Resisting the siren call of sweet sweet slumber

As the voice of the teacher droned on and on

Still the class would just not end.  Had entropy died?

How bad was it when I realized I had drooled all over my desk as I woke up



Too Tired To Write (a 100 word thingee)

Stories echo in the emptiness of my mind.  Their overlapping voices entangle and knot, causing me to lose one inside the other, like a series of babushka dolls.  Slowly I try to separate each story, but I fail and they fall back inside the cacophony of words.  I try to calm them down, coax them into a state of stupor, but suddenly I wake up with keyboard indents, and a river of drool flooding the canyon between the z and x key.  I shut down my computer and head to bed.  Well played stories, well played, but there’s always tomorrow.