Mucus (an acrostic poem)


My goodness, I am drowning

Under my own body’s immune system response

Can’t breathe, my throat is on fire, my voice is silenced

Useless coughing causes my core to ache

Sneezing to loosen up the solid wall of …

Break (an acrostic poem)


Baby porcelain doll, the last one her daughter had ever held, burst into sharp shards as it hit the floor

Releasing so many emotions in her, some she thought she had closed within that small casket

Everyone around her just stopped and stared, silent, not knowing what to do or say

As she watched those pieces scatter she started drowning in a psychological flood

Keeping the tears away was impossible as she felt something inside of her…

Push (an acrostic poem) part 1

Penny jogged down the block, her iPhone drowning out the world

Under all that workout sweat her blood ran cold

Someone had left a note explaining what she had to do to not be exposed

Her job was now to decide to murder or be murdered



A Wave of Silence

A quiet seemed to flow through the open windows, flooding the house in a tide of silence.  The lack of sound deafened me and I wanted to scream, but as I opened my mouth the silence poured in, threatening to drown me.  I made my way upstairs, trying to climb out of the quiet, but it swirled up with me.  I closed the door to my bedroom and turned on the TV, but was met with a picture with closed captioning.  The silence was already there, mocking me.  It was daring me to try to make a sound.  It was daring me to invite sound over.  The silence screamed that if a sound came in that it would kick its backside back to where sound came from.  I then knew that I had no chance to hear anything again.  I started to cry, sobbing silently, watching as the tears fell wordlessly to the floor, never to be heard again.