Push (an acrostic poem) part 1

Penny jogged down the block, her iPhone drowning out the world

Under all that workout sweat her blood ran cold

Someone had left a note explaining what she had to do to not be exposed

Her job was now to decide to murder or be murdered


Image: digitalmusicnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Thunder-featured-1.jpg

A Wave of Silence

A quiet seemed to flow through the open windows, flooding the house in a tide of silence.  The lack of sound deafened me and I wanted to scream, but as I opened my mouth the silence poured in, threatening to drown me.  I made my way upstairs, trying to climb out of the quiet, but it swirled up with me.  I closed the door to my bedroom and turned on the TV, but was met with a picture with closed captioning.  The silence was already there, mocking me.  It was daring me to try to make a sound.  It was daring me to invite sound over.  The silence screamed that if a sound came in that it would kick its backside back to where sound came from.  I then knew that I had no chance to hear anything again.  I started to cry, sobbing silently, watching as the tears fell wordlessly to the floor, never to be heard again.