Swerve (an acrostic poem)

Image: weinsteinwin.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/swerving-and-overcorrecting-more-serious-crash-featured.jpg 

Swaying back and forth like a drunken sailor after riding out a hurricane 

Wesley enjoyed the open mouth stares as he sauntered by 

Everyone was sure something was wrong with him, and he liked it that way 

Reactions like that were worth their weight in gold  

Verifying that he made the correct choice of donning this particular persona 

Everyone noticed him, but his partner picking their purses and pockets… not so much. 

Sense (an acrostic poem)

Image: dinneratthezoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/baked-buffalo-wings-11.jpg

She smelled easy money in the air

Everyone was all beer, pizza, and Buffalo winged out.

Now she felt it was time for her to execute her plan while they were in the drunken gluttony afterglow

So fellas, listen up. What do you say we have a little side wager on the game?

Everyone agreed. Two hours later she was seen five hundred dollars richer

Crass (an acrostic poem)

Image: images.ctfassets.net/cnu0m8re1exe/1wziF1yYJXMf4HaZ1HEygM/68a4cf6aaedae1ab9a60715cffb71827/shutterstock_697540390.jpg

Cussing like a drunken sailor that stubbed his toe on the anchor chain of some 18th century Caribbean pirate boat

Rachel made all of the people around her blush almost redder than her flame colored locks

All anyone thought of the diminutive woman was how cute and childlike she was

So when she showed her ability to adult like some of the most depraved adults that ever adulted

So many people swore they never saw it coming.