Line (an acrostic conversation)


“Last thing I plan on doing is dying”

“I guess it’s a a way to live your life, but it’s sort of weird though.”

“Nah. Everyone should live that way. Now that you know my master plan, what is yours?”

“Everything I can do to help you achieve your end goal.”

Poll (an acrostic poem)


People, can I ask all y’all a question?

Or would you like to keep your opinions to yourself

Lol I’ve seen your Facebook page

Looks like your dying to let the world know, so sit down and answer

Cold Flames (A 100 word story)

The cold rips at Clark’s skin, trying to freeze it in a grimace.  He tries to ignore the pain and weariness, knowing to lie down is to die.  Clark struggled forward, but the grey view never changes in the twilight hell he finds himself in.  Falling to his knees, Clark sees a glimpse of fire.  He crawls through the snow, his hand freezing into claws, his legs losing all feeling.  Dragging his body the last few feet Clark falls in front of the fire, but feels no warmth.  He releases his soul to the flames and dances among the embers.