Pi Day (an acrostic poem)

Perhaps being irrational is just my style

I keep going around and around


Didn’t stop slicing it into pieces

As I stuff as much into my face

You mean it’s a number?  Eat my shorts!


Image: cdn.nashvillescene.com/files/base/scomm/nvs/image/2017/03/960w/pi_day.58c2cf87a0dd8.jpg


Passion (an acrostic poem)

Putting things in perspective wasn’t usually difficult

Although today Ben was having a real problem with it

See he had his eyes on a certain young lady

She had the cutest little smile that made his breath funny

It made his decision so hard to make

Ordinarily, he would eat his lunch by himself

Now he wanted to ask the lunch lady to eat with him


Image: thelunchtray.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/lunchstockphoto.jpg

Snack (an acrostic poem)

Silently my stomach ambushes me

Not giving me a chance to finish making my meal

All I can think of is how much I want to eat something, anything

Candy soon fills my pie hole, ruining my dinner, but still

Killing my hunger dead in its tracks


Image: c1.staticflickr.com/7/6149/5941149147_c5592c0454_b.jpg


Imagine (an acrostic poem)

If it could be true, then make it happen

Magic is real, and it comes from caring to do the best

All you do does make a difference, you just have to believe

Giving a smile, a hug, a bite to eat, a supportive shoulder, an open ear

It can provide light in a world that focuses on darkness

Never underestimate what impact you can have in the world

Envision a better world because of you