Smith (an acrostic poem)


Selecting the right words to give strength to the tale

Managing to weld together sentences without seams

Intricate work with the hammer to make the whole thing take shape

Then quenching it with an editing pass to give it durability

How a writer forges stories from raw emotional stock



Regurgitating Words

Writing is throwing up on a blank page, covering it with the partially digested contents of your nauseated imagination. Editing is cleaning the page the best you can, hoping what stays on the page will not be too noxious.  It will never smell exactly right to you, but eventually you either consider the page clean enough to be kept, or throw it away.  Publishing is showing your cleaned page to friends and neighbors.  You hope your work won’t make them to be sick to their stomachs, but if they are you have something new to chew on in your imagination.