Scone (an acrostic poem)


Sometimes you need something sweet.

Connie pointed to the orange cranberry pastry and paid for her splurge.

Once seated she dipped it in her coffee and took a bite.

Nothing prepared her for the explosion of signals from her tastebuds.

Everyone in her family preferred biscuits, but she would always be team…

Boom (an acrostic poem)


Bring the explosion of energy to the room

Obliterate any negative thoughts or emotions

Obscure the failings of the past with your positive shockwave

Make those around you rebuild with joy

Coup De Grace (an acrostic poem)

Cutting the chain of command in half was the catalyst

Utter pandemonium ensued

Order had to be restored quickly

Perhaps regime change couldn’t be bloodless


Determined to see it to the end

Edwardo led his strike force into the Basilica Democracia


Gunfire erupted around him, but soon it was repressed

Reaching the central chamber he was surprised to find it empty

Already the so called senators had fled

Could it be that the national nightmare was over?

Everything went white as the explosion destroyed that hope